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Continuing Serial:

Three Guys, One Groupon

written by J. Bailey Burcham
directed by Rebecca Larsen

Three guys try to choose a Groupon. Enjoy it, yeah?!

Next Time: Episode 3
Began 3/9/19

Episode One (3/9/19)

Summary: Three Midwestern pals attempt to decide what Groupon to buy that they can all use together. Geoff lets the group know how he prefers his name to be pronounced. At one point, Craigory asks, "Do ya ever think about the patriarchy?" To which the answer is "Yup." And then they move on. After more Groupon discussion, they see someone across the street being shot... and then go back to the Groupon discussion. Geoff is happy when Craigory and Stan remember how to pronounce his name. The three pals, still having made no decision about the Groupon, smile and hold hands.


Photos by Jessie Bias

Episode Two (3/16/19)

Summary: The guys find a Groupon they're interested in, but it's for four people, not three. They call another friend, but he's not available. They consider going to a bar they like instead - one that serves chocolate - but Geoff says that wouldn't be fair to Groupon and might hurt its feelings. The other guys agree. Suddenly, Stan looks mortified. He shares that he just shit his pants. There is a brief pause... and then Craigory and Geoff compliment him on it to alleviate his embarassment. Stan is moved that he has such good friends. The three pals smile and hold hands.



Photos by Jessie Bias


Cj Merriman Stan (Eps. 1-2)
Amanda Blake Davis Geoff (Eps. 1-2)
Rebecca Larsen Craigory (Eps. 1-2)