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Deceased Serial:


written by Harim Sanchez
directed by Tim Kopacz

Buckle up. Grip the Wheel.

1 Episode

Episode One (10/27/18)

Summary: Kendra's having the nightmare again: her parents, deliberately driving their car faster and faster, drawing Xs on their and her faces, saying everyone's on their way, and they're going on a little trip. The parents say a strange prayer. "Mama loves you, Kendra," says the strangely calm mother just before they smash their car. She awakens, and her girlfriend Akia attempts to comfort her. But suddenly, there's the sound of a car crash nearby. Moments later, a bloodied man with a faceful of glass shards stumbles in; as blood and teeth pour out of his mouth, he says "Mama loves you, Kendra" before passing out. Kendra screams...


Photos by Jessie Bias


Carissa Pinckney Mom (Ep. 1)
Corey Klemow Dad (Ep. 1)
Rasina Pavlova Kendra (Ep. 1)
Raven Moran Akia (Ep. 1)
Garrett Botts Crash Man (Ep. 1)