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Deceased Serial:

Blockbuster (an action film for the stage)

written by Jaime Robledo
directed by Ben Rock

Who needs money when you have action?

Fight Choreography by Marc Antonio Pritchett

1 Episode

Episode One (2/8/20)

Summary: Mustache-twirling -combing villain Rupert and his number two, Christina, await the arrival of Mina, who parachutes into the area and kills all of Rupert's thugs who stand between her and Rupert. She and Christina end up in a standoff while Rupert tells a disbelieving Mina that she has no memory earlier than ten minutes ago. And indeed, she cannot remember anything earlier than that. She just knows she's drawn to Rupert. Who is apparently her father... and Christina, her sister. They've been doomed to repeat this over and over and over... more than 42,000 times so far. Mina can't remember it, while Rupert and Mina are cursed to remember. This is the furthest that Mina's ever gotten. But it's still not good enough. She'll get it eventually. For now, Christina shoots Mina in the face... and it all starts over. Except that Rupert's stutter, of which he is unaware, has gotten worse...


Photos by Jake Tittl


Shaela Cook Mina (Ep. 1)
Dana DeRuyck Christina (Ep. 1)
David LM McIntyre Rupert (Ep. 1)
Jim Nieb Thug (Ep. 1)
Marc Antonion Pritchett Thug (Ep. 1)
Colin Willkie Thug (Ep. 1)
TJ O'Brien Thug (Ep. 1)