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Deceased Serial:

Company Town

written by Joe Jordan
directed by Marisa O'Brien

Work is sacred; resistance is foolish.

1 Episode

Episode One (1/25/20)

Summary: The workers at The Mill in the town of Drakesville live in mortal fear of inspection day, for they must be found "pure." Nor can they be seen to be unhappy in any way - even with the bitter cold. Lame Pete lost a limb, and now, an outcast, tries to get the ladies to rub his stump. Janice is interested - in hopes she can romantically interest the terrified Thomas - but town scold Hilda has him shooed away. Inspection comes, and Thomas - smelling foul from his work unfeezing the latrines - is accused by the manager, Pursiner, of consorting with demons, and is dragged away to be srubbed with lye. Although it seems to be the early 1900s, Layla McCormick - a modern woman - arrives to apply for a job at the Mill. When she says out loud that the year is 2020, Miss Crain, the Town Representative, accuses her of witchcraft and has her dragged off to the dungeon.


Photos by Jax Ball


Glenda Suggs Janice (Ep. 1)
Dana DeRuyck Hilda (Ep. 1)
Corey Klemow Thomas (Ep. 1)
Travis Snyder-Eaton Lame Pete (Ep. 1)
Isaac Deakyne Kuddy (Ep. 1)
David LM McIntyre Pursinger (Ep. 1)
Marian Gonzalez Crain (Ep. 1)
Erin Holt Layla (Ep. 1)