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Deceased Serial:

After School Special: The Legend of Earl Biggins, Time Travelin' Football Coach
Episode 1

written & directed by Billy Ray Brewton

Earl Biggins is the greatest man to ever walk the earth - a champion high school football coach, a goddamn meat of a man, and a - time traveler?

1 Episode

Episode One (2/22/20)

Summary: Mo Babbage catches his wife, Marsha, having sex with another man - but he sees that man is legendary high school footbal coach Earl Biggins, he's okay with it, and even asks to watch so he can learn. At the school, Earl is caught up in a rivalry with P.E. teacher Tony Leroy that leads to Leroy challenging Earl to a knife fight. Also, Earl apparently invented time travel... but he doesn't like to talk about that.


Photos by Jessie Bias


Ryan Gowland The Narrator (Ep. 1)
Billy Ray Brewton Earl Biggins (Ep. 1)
Katelyn Schiller Marsha Babbage (Ep. 1)
Brennan Murray Mo Babbage (Ep. 1)
Scott Golden P.E. Teacher Tony Leroy (Ep. 1)