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Deceased Serial:

Nothing But Nett

written by Bill Robens
directed by Travis Snyder-Eaton

Make a swish.

1 Episode

Episode One (3/7/20)

Summary: Overqualified Rebecca Nett - a Harvard-educated former lawyer and physicist - takes on the job of basketball coach on the mean streets of a beleagured high school, despite Principal Hardneck's declaration that girls can't play basketball.  Her biggest challenge to begin with will be dealing with the tortured soul that is Baf Crackson - her starting center. Baf challenges Nett's authority and abilities... so she makes him a deal: play a round of one-on-one. If she loses, she quits. But if she wins, he has to accept her as his coach. The game is on...


Photos by Scott Golden


Rebecca Larsen Rebecca Nett (Ep. 1)
Ryan Gowland Hardneck (Ep. 1)
Tim Kopacz Baf (Ep. 1)
Demetris Hartman Hollywood (Ep. 1)
Joe Jordan Einstein (Ep. 1)
Jessie Bias Big T Bop (Ep. 1)
Travis Snyder-Eaton Lil' T Bop (Ep. 1)
Jordan Klomp Security / Rim Jim (Ep. 1)