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Deceased Serial:

Quest For the Bonnacon

written & directed by Tim Kopacz

When life gets you down, ride that flaming shit goat into the sunset.

1 Episode

Episode One (2/1/20)

Summary: The knight Sir Gilbert and his squire Fenric are sent on a quest by their king to find the Bonnacon, a mystical creature. However, on the way, they are accosted by Periwinkle and his goon Rose - modern-day mobsters. Periwinkle shoots Fenric in the head - when suddenly, a stage manager calls cut. This is all a film set. Or is it... ? Sir Gilbert still believes himself to be Sir Gilbert, though the stage manager thinks he's just staying in character. And then Fenric won't get up. Is he really dead... ?


Photos by Jake Tittl


Jordan Klomp Sir Gilbert (Ep. 1)
Zach Smith Fenric (Ep. 1)
Travis Snyder-Eaton Rose (Ep. 1)
Andrew Garret Periwinkle (Ep. 1)
Jessie Bias Stage Manager (Ep. 1)