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Deceased Serial:

Waitress Cop

written & directed by Julia Griswold
theme song by Ryan Thomas Johnson & his orchestra

She's a waitress, and also a cop.

7 Episodes
1/25/20 - 3/7/20

Theme Song:

Episode One (1/25/20)

Summary: She's a waitress, and also a cop. This raises a lot of questions. And involves a lot of yelling and gunplay. But not any actual criminals, so far as anybody can see.


Photos by Jax Ball

Episode Two (2/1/20)

Summary: Waitress Cop deals with annoying patrons who talk over her rather than ordering, and busts a guy for crossing the street... uh... legally. And confiscates his legal, prescription marijuana. But when things get out of hand, one of the patrons calls for the manager.


Photos by Jake Tittl

Episode Three (2/8/20)

Summary: The Manager/Chief tells off a rookie, who vows to show her someday how wrong she was. And the Manager/Chief has an even bigger dressing down for Waitress Cop and her reckless ways. She confiscates her gun, order pad and apron... but when Waitress Cop fends off a creep who is harassing two patrons, they hail her as a hero, and Waitress Cop is returned to full duty.

Somber "Waitress Cop" Theme


Photos by Jake Tittl

Episode Four (2/15/20)

Summary: Two women are on a date at Waitress Cop's cafe, one of them weirdly obsessed with wheatgrass. But when two college kids walk in with a can of spray paint, both Waitress Cop AND the wheatgrass woman pull their guns, intent on preventing them from committing any vandalism. (The kids' protests that they're working for the City's beautification project and are there to REMOVE graffiti falls on deaf ears.) Watiress Cop and the other cop are enraptured by one another. Their pas de deux is interrupted from the guy from the first couple of episodes, who still has a lot of questions about how Waitress and Cop can be one job. Once he finally leaves, the moment is broken - but the two flirt a bit more and awkwardly exchange numbers before the cop has to be on her way.


Photos by Jake Tittl

Episode Five (2/22/20)

Summary: Waitress Cop lays the smack down on her last table of the day - two patrons who are taking forever to pay their check and leave - then goes on her first date with the non-waitress cop, who admits to a fear of moths. The cop takes Waitress Cop to karaoke. Waitress Cop says she hates karaoke, but ends up shyly and sweetly singing Journey's "Open Arms" to the cop - a love song that's interrupted when both cops pull their guns on a pair of karaoke dudes who are just barely doing something that might maybe just barely be construed as "fighting." Another disturbance handled by Waitress Cop (and the other cop)!


Photos by Magdela Calderon

Episode Six (2/29/20)

Summary: The guy from previous episodes and his dad are eating at Waitress Cop's restaraunt. The guy keeps hiding from Waitress Cop, but his dad insists he ask her out, ignoring his son's protests that she's only being nice to him because that's part of her job, not because she's flirting. When the dad realizes there's some history between his son and the Watiress Cop, he's initially proud of his son, figuring they had gotten together. But as we know, of course, that's not the case, and the guy tells his father so. And so the dad makes the mistake of asking Waitress Cop exactly what her deal is - which simply results in a performance of her theme song. "MILES out your league," proclaims the dad. "MILES. "You're welcome!" enthuses Waitress Cop.


Photos by Jake Tittl

Episode Seven (3/7/20)

Summary: We learn that Waitress Cop's paramour cop also has a dual job; her job is in advertising - specifically, social media - and her boss, the Director of Content, dresses her down for missing the soft opening of the Burger Palace and not monitoring her mentions, amongst other rookie mistakes. She's been distracted lately due to her romance with Waitress Cop, and the Director warns her to watch her back. While grousing about her boss on her date with Watiress Cop that night, the two notice a guy waking a dog off-leash and bust him for it.


Photos by Scott Golden


Heather Schmidt Waitress Cop (Eps. 1-7)
Cj Merriman Woman 1 (Ep. 1)
Jessie Bias Woman 2 (Ep. 1)
Ryan Gowland Some Guy (Eps. 1-2, 4 & 6)
Travis Snyder-Eaton Some Other Guy (Ep. 1)
Travis (Ep. 4)
Madeleine Heil Woman 1 (Ep. 2)
Jennifer Christina DeRosa Woman 2 (Ep. 2)
Marian Gonzalez Woman 1 (Ep. 3)
Julia Griswold Woman 2 (Ep. 3)
The Date (Ep. 4)
Alyssa Preston Manager on Duty / Police Chief (Ep. 3)
Scott Leggett Creep (Ep. 3)
Lemon Baardsen Rookie (Ep. 3)
Dana DeRuyck The Girl (Eps. 4-5 & 7)
Tommy Dickie Kid (Ep. 4)
Colin Willkie Karaoke Guy (Ep. 5)
Laura Napoli Customer (Ep. 5)
Gregory Guy Gordon Customer 2 (Ep. 5)
JJ Mayes Karaoke Guy 2 (Ep. 5)
Pat Towne Dad (Ep. 6)
Perry Daniel Girl Boss (Ep. 7)
Corey Johnson Off-Leash Dog Guy (Ep. 7)