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written & directed by Joe Jordan
directed by Jaime Robledo

9 Episodes
4/28/07 - 10/6/07

Who's gonna stop her?!

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Dawn Stahlak

Barbara! (Eps. 1-9)

Scott Leggett

Lurch (Eps. 1-2 & 4-9)

Kathi Copeland

Janet (Eps. 1-2, 4 & 6-7)

Troy Vincent

Tom (Eps. 1-2 & 4-8)

Jaime Robledo

Robert (Eps. 1-3 & 5-9)

Philip Newby

Norman (Eps. 2 & 4-7)

Supatra Hanna

Chrissy (Eps. 2-9)

Neal Rodil

Doug (Ep. 2)

Bryan Krasner

Coach Flowers (Eps. 3 & 5-7)
Daisy (Ep. 9)

Joe Hendrix

Bruno (Eps. 3, 5 & 7)

Amanda D'Angelo

Angie (Eps. 3, 5 & 7)

Pat Towne

Vice Principal Sporph (Eps. 3 & 5)

Jim Nieb

President Bush (Eps. 4-8)

Troy Blendell

Vice President Cheney (Eps. 5 & 7-9)

Victor Isaac

Ambassador (Ep. 5)

Paul Plunkett

Narrator (Ep. 6)

Lisa Anne Nicolai

Pickles (Eps. 6-7)
Janet (Ep. 8)

Andrew Bentler

Ule (Eps. 6-7)

Rebecca Larsen

Marilyn Macabee (Eps. 7-8)

Greg Brohamer

Secret Serviceman Greg (Ep. 8)

Rachel Greene

Dr. Brown (Ep. 9)

Matthew Tyler

Dr. Melmsteen (Ep. 9)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (4/28/07)

Barbara! (Dawn Stahlak)

Janet (Kathi Copeland) likes the President a little too much.

As usual, Robert (Jaime Robledo) is in trouble
at school because of his sister Barbara.
(Also pictured: Troy Vincent as "Tom")

"I'm Barbara!  I do what I WANNA do!" 
Barbara announces her presence.
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Barbara and her long-suffering and quite articulate
pet orangutan, Lurch (Scott Leggett).

A plan is hatched when Robert finds
Janet's racy letter to the President.
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EPISODE TWO (5/26/07)

Janet dirty dances with her GWB doll.

Lurch is ambivalent about being
dressed up in human clothes.
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Barbara goes all tongue-tied around Norman (Philip Newby),
who wants to help her run for Class President.

Barbara faces off with popular cheerleader Chrissy
(Supatra Hanna), who is also running for Class
President, and her boyfriend Doug (Neal Rodil).


In Coach Flowers' (Bryan Krasner) acting
class, Chrissy demonstrates why
she'd make a great Lady Macbeth.

Barbara wants to play Macbeth.

The other students plot against Barbara.
(L-R: Amanda D'Angelo as "Angie," Joe Hendrix as "Bruno,"
Jaime Robledo as "Robert" and Supatra Hanna as "Chrissy")

Principal Sporph (Pat Towne) offers to get a suspended child
back into school... if the kid's mother will do him certain... favors.

Barbara threatens to expose him.

Chrissy seduces Robert to get
him to plot against his sister.


Janet can't take it any more.  She's leaving for
Washington.  She's gonna do what SHE wants to do!

Lurch advises Barbara she may have to use
extreme tactics in order to win the election.

See, this is the deal: when Barbara becomes
Class President, she'll be able to go on the
class trip to Washington, D.C. and kick the
President in the nuts.  And it only took four
episodes to get around to explaining that.

Chrissy unsuccessfully tries
to get Norman's vote.

A passionate but awkward kiss nearly occurs.

Tom's mysterious job revealed: number one U.S. killing machine...
answerable directly to the President himself (Jim Nieb).

EPISODE FIVE (6/16/07)

Dick Cheney (Troy Blendell) and President Bush
rock out in a Guitar Hero Tournament.
Don't you wish you could, too?
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The President tells Tom that this mission
is SO super-secret that he'll have to use his
"inhibition" to figure out who he should kill.

Rehearsing the "3 witches" scene from Macbeth.
Funny, I thought Chrissy was playing Lady Macbeth.  I
guess this must be one of those arty-farty productions
where a small ensemble plays multiple roles.

Barbara, as Macbeth, adds some
Duck-Duck-Goose action to the scene.

The controversial finale to Episode 5 of BARBARA!
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EPISODE SIX (6/23/07)

The story suddenly has a narrator (Paul Plunkett)....
sorry, an Efficiency Exposition Expert.

Pickles, the First Lady (Lisa Anne Nicolai)

Barbara and Norman finally give in to their mutual passion.
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Time for Election Speeches!  First up:
Ule (Andrew Bentler), followed by Chrissy.
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Ule's campaign poster.  He's very motivated.
Show your support for Ule!  Click on the poster to
download a larger version, suitable for printing!
Campaign photo by Supatra Hanna -

Coach Flowers tries to dissuade Barbara.

Barbara gives an impassioned speech, but
keeps avoiding the X Chrissy wants her to step
on so that Robert, hiding in the rafters, can
dump a bucket of menudo on her head.

Suddenly, Lurch bursts in and kidnaps Chrissy!


Lurch has been captured.

Ule was elected Class President!  He
promises a regular Phyllis Diller movie nite!

Almost showtime, and Chrissy
is ready for some murther.

Angie tries to warn Barbara of the danger, but
her stutter prevents any meaningful communication.

Meanwhile, at the White House, the meeting of these
two married couples brings about pandemonium -
and a gunshot in a darkened room.

Back at the school, the production of "Macbeth" has begun.

When Chrissy lunges with the sword (Robert just couldn't do it),
Norman jumps in the sword's path, saving Barbara's life...


Enter theater impresario Marilyn Macabee (Rebecca Larsen),
who thinks Barbara is the best thespian she's ever seen.
She's going to cast Barbara at her Very Important
Shakespearean Theater... in Washington, D.C.


The President has been accidentally shot by Tom.
The VP takes him to their secret medical facility.

Janet (Lisa Anne Nicolai) learns Tom's deadly
secret at last when he is forced to kill
Secret Serviceman Greg (Greg Brohamer).

They've got to get away!  Separately!
Tom tells Janet the escape route.

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Marilyn tells Barbara she'll have to make
her own way to Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, Chrissy forces Robert to scoop out her dangling eye.

EPISODE NINE (10/6/07)

While waiting to hear about the President's condition,
Cheney reads about Hillary and her Duffs.

Dr. Melmstein (Matthew Tyler) assures the
Veep that the President will be okay.

However, Dr. Brown (Rachel Greene) tells him that
the President's genitalia have been mangled -
but they can rebuild him, and give him the
world's first bionic man-part.

Barbara prays to Clint Eastwood for a way
to get to "Washington, D.C., America."

Immediately afterwards, they meet Daisy
(Bryan Krasner), a trucker who is heading east.

Meanwhile, the now one-eyed Chrissy plots her revenge.
But she'll never have it, because this is where the story ended.