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written by Brian Stampnitsky
directed by Gavin Carlton

3 Episodes
11/18/06 - 12/9/06

The year is 2009 and recently retired Vice President
Dick Cheney has decided to return to college.
Lock up your girlfriends.  Hide your stash.

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Troy Blendell

Dick Cheney (Eps. 1-3)

Denny Moynahan

Ezra (Eps. 1-3)

Franci Montgomery

Chrissy (Ep. 1)

Vanessa Perkins

Nikki (Eps. 1-3)

Jean Black

Art Professor (Ep. 2)

Matt Short

Brad the Hunk (Eps. 2-3)

Frank Stasio

Steve the Asshole (Ep. 3)

Crystal Day

Lola (Ep. 3)

Jennifer Ruckman

Party Girl (Ep. 3)


Dick Cheney (Troy Vincent)

Dick meets his new roommate Ezra (Denny Moynahan).

Two girls stop by looking for some action -
Nikki (Vanessa Perkins), who likes to cut herself,
and Chrissy (Franci Montomery), who...
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

...has daddy issues.
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

From Episode Two (10-21-06)

However, nobody can get laid with Cheney
in the room, so they try to play Truth or Dare.
Click on the picture to watch this scene!
More Video Below -

Not.  Having.  A.  Good.  Time.
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

Cheney's first bong hit.
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

This is NOT the effect of the bong hit.
This is Cheney sober.
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

Nikki breaks up with Ezra the next day.
Click on the picture to hear her compassionate advice.

From Episode Two (12-02-06)

Nikki has her eye on someone else...
Click on the picture to watch this scene!
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

An awkward moment when they find they
all are in the same life drawing class.
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

The Art Professor (Jean Black) and her
model - Bradley Wilson (Matt Short),
who sets Cheney's heart racing.

Ezra and Cheney pledge a frat,
and are given their pledge names.

Cheney sells out Ezra by promising Brad and Steve (Frank Stasio)
access to a government warehouse full of seized marijuana.

Cheney attends his first frat party.

Brad invites Cheney to get his "bang" on, "naked-style," with
Lola (Crystal Day).  Also pictured: Jennifer Ruckman (seated).