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written by Jaime Robledo
directed by Rebecca Larsen

5 Episodes
10/28/06 - 12/2/06

Hollywood's a bitch.

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Jordan Savage

Gloria/Glammer (Eps. 1 & 3-5)

Fleur Phillips

Gloria (Ep. 2)

David Shipp

Slick Vick (Ep. 1)

Jaime Robledo

Tone (Ep. 1)
Toady (Eps. 2-5)

Amanda D'Angelo

Sweetie (Eps. 1 & 3-4)
Buzzy's Beauty #1 (Ep. 2)

Terri Duffy

Sugar (Ep. 1)

Desiree Hall

Sugar (Ep. 5)

Joe Fria

Clint (Eps. 1-5)

Henry Dittman

Buzzy Grovenor (Eps. 1-4)

Kimberly Atkinson

Dagger Deb (Eps. 1-4)

Adam Bitterman

Tough (Ep. 2)

Frank Stasio

Boz (Ep. 2)

Mila Pesko

Cindee (Ep. 2)

Scott Leggett

Terrence Blundy (Eps. 2-5)

Franci Montgomery

Varla (Eps. 2-3)

Jaime Andrews

Billie (Eps. 2-3)

Rebecca Larsen

Buzzy's Beauty #2 (Ep. 2)
Sugar (Eps. 3-4)

Victor Isaac

Virginia Slimmz (Ep. 5)

Andrea Ruth

Mizz Devine (Ep. 5)

Paul Plunkett

Reporter (Ep. 5)

Body paint & Makeup by Heather Hopkins

Choreography by Lorin Shapiro (Ep. 5)


Fresh off the bus in Hollywood, aspiring actress Gloria (Jordan Savage)
has the misfortune to meet Slick Vick (David Shipp).
- Photos by C.M. Gonzalez -

She is taken under the wing of Clint (Joe Fria),
a photographer who works at the mansion of...

... "Vixen" publisher Buzzy Grovenor (Henry Dittman), seen here
with models Sugar (Terri Duffy) and Sweetie (Amanda D'Angelo).

More Buzzy, More Beauties
- Photo by Brit Renkin -

- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

Dagger Deb (Kimberly Atkinson)
and a doomed Slick Vick.

Boz (Frank Stasio) and Cindee (Mila Pesko) dance.
- Photo on left by Brit Renkin -

They are porno actors for Blundy (Scott Leggett),
Grovenor's rival, who always does things "classy."
- Photos by Brit Renkin -

The Tough (Adam Bitterman) makes the mistake of
refusing to tell Dagger Deb where Grovenor is.
Also pictured: Varla (Jaime Andrews) & Billie (Franci Montgomery)

The legendary moment that
Gloria Krauthammer (Fleur Phillips)
forever becomes... Glammer.

- Photo on left by Brit Renkin -

From Episode Three (11-11-06)

Just another day at the Grovenor Mansion.
Click on the picture to watch this scene!
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

From Episode Three (11-11-06)

Buzzy and Blundy face off at last.
Click on the picture to watch this scene!

A pensive moment before all hell breaks loose.
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

From Episode Four (11-18-06)

The dance to decide Glammer's future.
Click on either picture to watch this scene!
- Photos by C.M. Gonzalez -

Dagger Deb's girls have had
their way with the author Toady.

Dagger Deb finally catches up to Grovenor.
Seems Sweetie's real name is Joan... and she was
Deb's sweet, innocent sister... until she met Buzzy.

Buzzy's vanished and put Clint in charge.
Click on the picture to hear the letter's contents!
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

Ghetto Fabulous Virginia Slimmz (Victor Isaac), accompanied
Mizz Devine (Andrea Ruth), tells the Reporter (Paul Plunkett)
that he's here to make Hollywood his bitch.
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

Sugar (Desiree Hall) gives Glammer her first drugs.
And this is the last we see of her, 'cause
GLAMMER went down by just two votes!
- Photo on left by C.M. Gonzelez -