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written by Ed Goodman
directed by Kathi Copeland

1 Episode

Animals can communicate in the strangest ways.


Dan Wingard, Kiff Scholl, Laura Napoli, Joe Hendrix, Matt Garland,
Caleb Martin, Joe Fria, Mike Lanahan, Vanessa Perkins,
Aaron Francis, Alicia Wollerton & Stacey Jackson

Choreography by Laura Napoli


Dan Wingard as the Host

Verbal and non-verbal communication.
(L-R: Kiff Scholl, Laura Napoli, Dan Wingard & Joe Hendrix)

Joe Fria & Mike Lanahan as the Dogs

Alicia Wollerton as the Cat Lady

She's a canary!  She's a canary!
(Vanessa Perkins & Caleb Martin)

Aaron Francis as the Cat amongst the birds.

Stacey Jackson & Caleb Martin as the Preying Mantises.  (Mantisii?)

Termites (Mike Lanahan & Kiff Scholl)

A bee that dances so well, a worker
offers to make her his "queen."
(Laura Napoli & Joe Fria)