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written & directed by John Paul Karliak

1 Episode

"Wake-Up, Wilkes-Barre," the bottom-of-the-hour local news
program that fills in a 5-minute break in the Today Show.  Filmed
in the Diamond City: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania... which is just
outside of Scranton... you know, where "The Office" takes place?


David Morgan

Jeff Mundak

Joy Nash

Debra Finn

Nathaniel King

Frank Veracruz

Mary McHale

Diane Rinaldi

John Paul Karliak

Ricky Rinaldi

Mona Chatterjee

Shana Fletcher

by C.M. Gonzalez

The "Wake Up, Wilkes-Barre" team gets ready for their morning broadcast.

Anchors Jeff Mundak (David Morgan) and former
MSNBC correspondent Debra Finn (Joy Nash)

Asian reporter Frank Veracruz (Nathaniel King)

Film critics Ricky and Diane Rinaldi
(John Paul Karliak and Mary McHale)

Camerawoman Shana Fletcher (Mona Chatterjee)