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written & directed by Gregory Sims

2 Episodes
11/11/06 - 11/18/06

Can a vulgarity spewing dwarven warriror, a sex addicted elf,
and a brain damaged bugbear storm the unholy gates of
Midrock's demonic temple ending the Eon of Cromag and
thus saving all of Yonder Realm?

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Gregory Sims

Brother Yorgal the Dwarf (Ep. 1)
Cromag the Demon God (Ep. 2)

Heather Mazur

Sex-Shanti the Fairy (Ep. 1)
Sex-Shanti the Dark Elf (Ep. 2)
although I guess there's really no difference

Joe Fria

Grigg Grigg the Bugbear (Ep. 1)
Dave Fletcher (Ep. 2)

Joe Komerinski

Grimesoak the Wizard (Eps. 1-2)

Mark Englehart

Slaughtro the Barbarian (Eps. 1-2)

Ian Jensen

Dave Fletcher (Ep. 1)

James Babson

Rupert (Eps. 1-2)


The Heroes of Yonder Realm... a world that's been at war for
so long, you might say they've developed a certain... craft for it.

L-R: Joe Fria as "Grigg Grigg the Bugbear," Mark Englehart as "Slaughtro the Barbarian,"
Gregory Sims as "Brother Yorgal the Dwarf," Joe Komerinski as "Grimesoak the Wizard"
and Heather Mazur as "Sex-Shanti," who is a Fairy.  Or a Dark Elf.  Or something.
- Photos by C.M. Gonzalez -

What Sex-Shanti isn't, however, is a woman.
In Yonder Reality, Yorgal is Fletcher (Ian Jensen),
and Sex-Shanti is Rupert (James Babson).

From Episode One (11-11-06)

The Bugbear volunteers a little too much information.
Click on the picture to watch this scene!

And this is... uh... well, apparently this is
"Cromag the Demon God" (Gregory Sims).
Yeah.  Um.  Sure.  If he says so.