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written & directed by Jenelle Riley
music & lyrics by Richard Levinson

Episodes 11 & 12 Directed by JJ Mayes

12 Episodes
/5/08 - 9/27/08

Knowing is half the battle.


Mike Lanahan

Scotty (Eps. 1-5 & 7-10)

Scott Leggett

Phil (Ep. 1)
Man (Ep. 4)
John (Ep. 11)

Jenelle Riley

Jenny (Eps. 1-10 & 12)

Michael Holmes

Teddy (Eps. 1-4 & 6-12)

Franci Montgomery

Mimi (Ep. 1)

David LM McIntyre

Principal Chalmers (Ep. 1)
Mr. Peterson (Ep. 9)
Will (Ep. 10)

Richard Levinson

Pianist (Eps. 1-3 & 5-10)
Guitarist (Ep. 8)

Bobby Stapf

Pianist (Ep. 4)

Joe Fria

Sam (Eps. 2-7 & 11)

Laura Sperrazza

Pam (Ep. 2)

Jaime Andrews

Pam (Eps. 3-12)

Troy Blendell

Counselor Troy (Ep. 3)

Innocent Bunny

Sylvie (Ep. 3)

Eric Johnson

Billy (Ep. 4)

Carrie Wiita

Billie (Ep. 4)
Bianca (Ep. 5)
Carly (Ep. 6)
Mertyl (Ep. 12)

Victor Isaac

Himself (Ep. 4)

Natasha Norman

Emily (Ep. 5)
Sexy Nurse (Ep. 9)

JJ Mayes

Tom (Ep. 5)
Nurse Greg (Ep. 9)

Stephen Simon

Ryan (Ep. 5)
Daryl (Ep. 12)

Supatra Hanna

Susan (Ep. 6)

JJ Mayes

Joseph (Ep. 7)

Carla Jo Bailey

Mary (Ep. 7)

Luis Vasquez

Guitarist (Ep. 7)

Troy Vincent

Kashi (Ep. 8)
Cam (Ep. 12)

Haven Hartman

Tina (Ep. 9)

Brian Wallis

Chris (Ep. 10)

Kat Bardot

Peg (Ep. 10)
Esther (Ep. 11)

Vanessa Perkins

Cheryl (Ep. 12)

Ariel Francis
Victoria Lvingston

Text Posse (Ep. 12)

Choreography by Natasha Norman

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (4/5/08)

Principal Chalmers (David LM McIntyre) asks everyone at
assembly to settle down so they can bring out their special guests...

...THE TRUTH TROUPE! They've got a lesson for you about tolerance!

When Mimi (Franci Montgomery) shows the kids how easy she is in an improv
about being true to yourself, Jenny (Jenelle Riley) takes her to task for it.

Jenny has an ultimatum - she goes or Mimi goes.

Bye, Jenny.

EPISODE TWO (4/12/08)

Jenny has joined the Christian improv troupe, "Fishes and Loaves,"
and Scotty and Teddy have come to get her back.
She had to change her name to "Sue" because the troupe
feels that names with more than one syllable are ostentatious.

"Fishes & Loaves" founders Pam (Laura Sperazza) and Sam (Joe Fria).

Sam has problems with anger... and alcohol... and incest.
But Jesus has helped him get past them all!  Well, two out of three.

A hostile
Sam and Scotty fling some Bible quotations at each other.

Scotty challenges Sam to a fight - but when Sam
responds with a Friendship Rap, Scotty is won over - and
Sam and Pam are invited to join the Truth Troupe.
Jenny rejoins the Truth Troupe as well.

Happy times are here again.


Troy (Troy Blendell), counselor for the
Scared Straight
program for teens dependent on drugs and/or alcohol.
They're a tough bunch, but he maintains a cheery demeanor.

The Truth Troupe are here to handle things with their usual aplomb!

If anybody here takes any drugs today... the bunny gets it.

Sam knows about drugs from personal experience.

A musical lesson about drugs and celebrity.

Uh oh.  Sam's relapsed.  Bye bye, bunny.
Wait, it was just a bag of flour... oh... too late.

EPISODE FOUR (4/26/08)

C.E.O. Billy (Eric C. Johnson) and his wife Billie (Carrie Wiita).
His sexist and racist remarks in the workplace have forced
him to hold a seminar on tolerance.  Racist!?  How can
he be racist?  He married a woman who is... short!

Sam offends a Jewish audience member (Scott Leggett).

When Teddy uses the words "aboot" and "pop" instead of
"about" and "soda," he is exposed as a dirty Canadian..

...and exiled from the Truth Troupe.  'Bye, you dirty Canuck!
Enjoy your freakin' dirty "clean air" and "universal health care"!


Bianca (Carrie Wiita) and Emily (Natasha Norman), cheerleaders
at Taft Hartley High - and members of the Abstinence Club!

Tom (JJ Mayes) and Ryan (Stephen Simon) are
also members of the Abstinence Club.  Big surprise.

"CELIBACY, YAY!"  Meet the club's irrepressible members!

The Truth Troupe improvs about abstinence.

Sam tempts the girls.

Scotty, who has just confessed to being a virgin, sings
a song about the pleasures of waiting for the right girl.

Scotty's song helps him get lucky.  (Sam didn't need any help.)

In a fit of jealousy over Sam's hookup, Pam forcibly seduces Tom.
Jenny, however, is rejected by Ryan, who says she's not his type.

EPISODE SIX (5/31/08)

At the Karen Carpenter auditorium at the Flockhart Memorial
Clinic for Eating Disorders, Dr. Susan (Supatra Hanna)
introduces Carly (Carrie Wiita), a bulemic, to the Truth Truope.

Feeding time.  (Pam:  "You know what
anorexics call bulemics?  CHEATERS.")

Carly is terrified by the Barbie - she's so FAT!

A song about eating and healthy body images.


Christian leaders Mary (Carla Jo Bailey) and Joseph (JJ Mayes) of
"Females Against Gay Husbands And Gay Marriage" (F.A.G.H.A.G.S.)
Joseph "used to be" homosexual until he saw the Light.
They've brought in the Truth Troupe to show the evils of the gay lifestyle!

Joseph finds himself tempted by Scotty.

Attempting to show the evils of Gay Marriage... through improv!

Mary finds love at last.

Sam calls topsies.


Environmentalist Kashi (Troy Vincent) of Male Environmentalists
For Acceptance and Tolerance isn't a vegan - he'll only eat fruits
and vegetables that have chosen to end their own lives.

He and Jenny are in love.  Could it be his
cologne of patchouli oil and bark dust?

The others are worried - folks who find love
and happiness tend to leave the Truth Troupe!

But Kashi realizes he only has one true love.

Things are once more as they should be.

EPISODE NINE (6/21/08)
Photos for this episode by Aaron Francis

Mr. Peterson (David LM McIntyre), new resident at the Nearly Departed Rest Home.
For the next few weeks.  He thought his son paid for a year in advance.

Failed doctor Nurse Greg (JJ Mayes).

Teddy's got a new love!  Is it the Sexy Nurse?  Nope.
Meet Teddy's woman lover, Tina (Haven Hartman).
She's a regular musket.

They have an active love life.

Teddy sings about the reasons he loves Tina.
Click on the picture to hear the song!

Tina collapses, dead.  Given the above
song... it's a happy ending... ?

EPISODE TEN (6/28/08)

The Truth Troupe entertain Habitats Offering Bums Occupations (H.O.B.O.)
L-R: Brian Wallis as "Chris," Kat Bardot as "Peg" and David LM McIntyre as "Will"

A good turn that's not about to go unpunished.  (See above video.)

Song of the Homeless


At the family reunion of the Royal family, we meet Sam and
Pam's parents, John (Scott Leggett) and Esther (Kat Bardot).

Teddy is horrified by the family's... closeness.

Sam talks about being born twins with Pam.

A... rousing... song and dance number leads to familial intimacy.

"I'm so glad that you're my brother."
"Me too, Mom."


Wealthy parents Cheryl (Vanessa Perkins)
and Daryl (Stephen Simon) throw a
party for their precious teenage daughter.

Said daughter, Mertyl (Carrie Wiita) and her
friends (Victoria Livingston & Ariel Francis)
are soooo excited.  Yeah.

Her rage at not getting a shetland pony turns to
excitement when she thinks the Jonas Brothers are here...

...but it's just the Truth Troupe, including new member
Cam (Troy Vincent) - cousin of Sam.  Sam's under the
weather since he ate some rancid Moose.  Poor Uncle Moose.

Mertyl's parents sing her a song full of good advice for
a Sweet 16 - "Don't Take It In the Ass on a First Date."

It's Jenny's birthday, too!  She's 32!  NOT 47!

And with Jenny abused and humiliated once more,