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written & directed by David LM McIntyre

1 Episode

2 people 2 cute 2 live.


David LM McIntyre

Phineas Crankblister

Chris Gyre

Steve Blebe

Michael Holmes


Stacey Jackson


Paul Plunkett

John Johnson

Jenelle Riley


Jaime Robledo


Terry Tocantins


by C.M. Gonzalez

Phineas Crankblister (David LM McIntyre), manager of
the local coffee shop, has a terrifying tale to tell.

Various happily malcontent malcontents at the coffee shop.
(L-R: Jenelle Riley, Paul Plunkett, Daid LM Mcintyre, Jaime Robledo & Terry Tocantins)

But what's that glow?  It's sickeningly cute couple
Jinny (Stecey Jackson) and Jack (Michael Holmes).
They're no more aware of their loving glow than
fishies in the ocean are aware of the water!

They are LITERALLY sickening.  Eyes bleed.  Heads explode.
But hey, no problem for our couple - after all, heads
just explode all the time!  They see it every day!
That's why Jinny never wears a hat!

Steve (Chris Gyre), the barrista, falls under their evil loving influence.

Phineas seems to be immune; his diet of highly caffeinated drinks,
24 hours news and French philosophy has finally paid off.
As soon as he stops Steve from doing a monologue of his
own, he'll devise a plan to stop those two from ever coming back!