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written & directed by Jaime Robledo

3 Episodes
11/3/07 - 12/8/07

Their love lasted for eternity... until it didn't.


Bryan Krasner

Dearest Herschel (Eps. 1-3)

Jaime Andrews

Dearest Annabelle (Eps. 1-3)

Matthew Tyler

Victor, the Town Goatherd (Ep. 2)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (11/3/07)

Herschel (Bryan Krasner) and Annabelle (Jaime Andrews) at their
writing desks, separated by eight years and unfathomable miles,
true loves forever - can only communicate via carrier pigeon.

They vow they'll find one another again.

EPISODE TWO (12/1/07)

While Herschel is in prison, Annabelle breaks his heart by
marrying Victor (Matthew Tyler), the town goatherd.
Click on the picture to watch this scene!

Herschel is sentenced to death, but vows that their
hearts will defy time and space... somehow... some way.

And centuries later, a woman named Annie
gets a call from a stranger... named Herschel.


Years ago, long before Herschel was
imprisoned, he traveled the Himalayas.

And centuries later, modern-day Herschel, for reasons he
doesn't comprehend, tries again to call modern-day Annie.