Welcome to Sacred Fools Theater Company, est. 1997

by Joe Hendrix
directed by Kiff Scholl

1 Episode

Sometimes you need a little muddy water to come clean.


Joe Hendrix


Kelsey Wedeen


Rebecca Larsen

Ms. Bodia



Kiff Scholl

Baron Von Brunsteiner

Mila Pesko

Lilia Smuk

Joe Fria

Count Duumfuuk

Vanessa Edwards

Earnest P. Fopsbury

Natasha Norman

Harris Q. Wadsworthington

Jaime Robledo

Ugly Woman


On a Mississippi riverboat, the beautiful
Ms. Bodia (Rebecca Larsen) dies mysteriously.

Princess (Kelsey Wedeen) and Junior (Joe Hendrix) are overheard while
discussing the hidden millions in blackmail money they're transporting.

The severe Lilia Smuk (Mila Pesko).

Count Duumfuuk (Joe Hendrix) and Baron Von Brunsteiner (Kiff Scholl).
The mute Count Duumfuuk wants to be sure you pronounce his name correctly.

Two men.  Not women at all.  Men.  Definitely.
(Vanessa Edwards as "Earnest P. Fopsbury" and
Natasha Norman as "Rev. Harris Q. Wadsworthington.")

A very, very ugly woman (Jaime Robledo) dies,
shouting that she's been murdered.  On purpose.
Must have been natural causes.