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written & directed by Paul Feldman

2 Episodes
/28/08 - 9/20/08

Troubled teens dabble in Black Magic in the early 90s.
The Glamour!  The Fortune!  The Pain!


Corey Klemow

Toby (Eps. 1-2)

Josh Zisholtz

Roland (Ep. 1)

Will Maier

Roland (Ep. 2)

Scott Leggett

Slorgoth the Unclean (Eps. 1-2)

Franci Montgomery

Rachel (Ep. 1)
Voice of Rachel (Ep. 2)

Amanda D'Angelo

Liz (Ep. 1)

Ashley Moore

Liz (Ep. 2)

David Mayes

Bryce (Ep. 1)

Sean Sweeney

Bryce (Ep. 2)

Troy Vincent

Turk (Ep. 1)

Chris Chauncey

The Ghost of Freddie Mercury (Ep. 2)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (6/28/08)

Toby (Corey Klemow) has an athsma attack when
his friend Roland (Josh Zisholtz) suggests...

(Amanda D'Angelo as "Liz" and Franci Montgomery as "Rachel")

Some friggin' jocks make fun of them.
(Troy Vincent as "Turk" and David Mayes as "Bryce")

An ancient Sumerian ritual (NOT Satanic, honest).

The Summoning of Slorgoth (Scott Leggett)

Slorgoth dubs the guys Metal Knights, and gives
them helmets of power... that won't ever come off.

Slorgoth demands the sacrifice of a cat,
but the guys just can't do it.  Slorgoth
vows revenge on those they care most about.

The guys discover they can fly, and
set off to rescue the girls...

...but will they be too late?

EPISODE TWO (9/20/08)

They're too late to keep him from eating Rachel, but
fend Slorgoth off before he can also eat Liz (Ashley Moore).
(Roland now played by Will Maier)

Bryce and Turk (Sean Sweeney & Troy Vincent) are waiting for the acid
to kick in when Slorgoth arrives and makes them Champions of Hell.

All seems lost... until the miraculous appearance of
the Ghost of Freddie Mercury (Chris Chauncey).