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written by David Henne
directed by Kat Bardot

1 Episode

Solving crimes the only way they know how.


Terry Tocantins


Philip Newby


Rebecca Larsen

Girl with Camera

Chris Walsh

Lead Criminal Investigator

Michael Holmes

Subsidiary Investigator #1

Jaime Robledo

Subsidiary Investigator #2

JJ Mayes

Cop #1

Brian Wallis

Cop #2

Jenelle Riley

Cop #3

Kat Bardot
Natasha Norman
Vanessa Perkins

Girl Gang

by C.M. Gonzalez

The Girl with a Camera (Rebecca Larsen) is
sure this is an ordinary crime scene.

But not Ninja Detectives Simmons (Terry Tocantins)...

...and Woozy (Philip Newby)!  Woozy is sure the murderer
used osmosis to walk through walls to sneak up on
the victims.  That's how he'd have done it.

The Lead Criminal Investigator (Chris Walsh).

Simmons kills him for insulting his honor.

The Subsidiary Investigators (Jaime Robledo & Michael Holmes),
who are retiring tomorrow, discover the Lead Investigator's body.

Some cops who are also retiring tomorrow
(Brian Wallis & JJ Mayes) arrive on the scene.

The Investigators think they've figured
out what Simmons and Woozy are up to...

...they're throwing everyone a surprise
retirement party at the crime scene!

Jenelle Riley as "Cop who didn't have her picture taken until after the
story was over."  She was wearing a bushy li'l moustache and everything.