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written by Alexandra Billings
directed by Chrisanne Blankenship

2 Episodes
/7/08 - 6/14/08

Fame hurts... a lot.


Heather Hopkins

Paris Hilton (Eps. 1-2)

Franci Montgomery

Paula Abdul (Eps. 1-2)

Scott Leggett

Paulie Shore (Ep. 1)

Joe Fria

Tom Cruise (Ep. 1)

Wyatt Fenner

Tom Cruise (Ep. 2)

Matt Valle

Britney Spears (Ep. 1)

Paul Storiale

Johnny Depp (Ep. 1)
Paulie Shore (Ep. 2)

Emily Churchill

Lindsay Lohan (Eps. 1-2)

Hannah Hensley

Liza Minelli (Ep. 2)

Ryan Pfeiffer

Ryan Seacrest (Ep. 2)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (6/7/08)

Paris Hilton (Heather Hopkins) is
on vacation in Paris, France.

Paulie Shore (Scott Leggett)
and Paula Abdul (Franci Montgomery).

Tom Cruise (Joe Fria).

Britney Spears (Matt Valle) is here, and her agent is
calling her!  Yes, he is!  With movie deals and record
contracts and stuff!  Can't you hear the phone ringing?

Johnny Depp (Paul Storiale).

Lindsay Lohan (Emily Churchill) gives a warning:
every celebrity who comes to Paris is being murdered!

After a blackout, Johnny Depp goes missing - then comes
back as a zombie!  And then the lights go out again!

EPISODE TWO (6/14/08)

Lindsay copes.

Tom Cruise (Wyatt Fenner).

The gang discover that Paulie (Paul Storiale) is in league with...

...Liza Minelli (Hannah Hensley), who is behind the
evil scheme to turn celebrities into zombies.

Ryan Seacrest (Ryan Pfeiffer) shows off a zombified
Paula Abdul... but can anybody tell the difference?

Paris finally forms a thought: they ought to
put a stop to this evil plan.  That'd be hot.