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directed by Derek Mehn
directed by Skip Tracer

12 Episodes
Original Run: 9 Episodes - 6
/14/08 - 10/26/08
Playoffs: 3 Episodes - 5/30/09 - 6/13/09

When Monolo Montoya, Telemundo's first amputee-actor,
joins the hostile cast of American TV's biggest
soap, "Ruby Lake," sparks begin to fly…


Derek Mehn

Monolo Montoya (Eps. 1-12)

Kevin F. Sherry

Perito (Eps. 1-3 & 5-12)

Barbara King

Candelabra (Eps. 1-3, 6-9 & 11-12)

H. Michael Croner

Hunter (Eps. 1-9 & 11-12)

Kevin Brown

The Director (Eps. 1-3 & 6-9)

Susan Biesinger
Kelsey Collins

Ruby Lake Fans - Voiceover (Ep. 3)

Richard Feliciano

Barkeep (Eps. 4-5, 9 & 11)
Airport Security Guard (Ep. 12)

Jeff Galante

Scooter (Eps. 4-5 & 9)

Carrie Wiita

Dr. Sandra Palina (Eps. 5-7 & 9)

Bryan Krasner

"Big Papi" Montoya (Ep. 8-9 & 11)

Rebecca Larsen

Charlena Harina (Eps. 8-9 & 11)

Jaime Andrews

Maria Montoya (Eps. 8-9)

Micah Sudduth

McB (Ep. 12)

Choreography by Contessa & Bichon (Eps. 3 & 11)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (6/14/08)

On the soap opera RUBY LAKE:  Hunter (H. Michael Croner)
has rescued Candelabra (Barbara King)... but he's not
the only survivor of a cave-in who's found her.

Introducing new cast member, one-armed Mexican
telenovela star Monolo Montoya (Derek Mehn)
and his assistant, Perito (Kevin F. Sherry).

Perito helps Monolo act.  Muy expressive!

The Director (Kevin Brown) will brook no complaints about Monolo...
he's the number one ratings draw on Telmondoo, or whatever it's called.

Monolo's dramatic debut on RUBY LAKE, quickly
followed by the seduction of his co-star.

The actor who plays Hunter hatches
a plan to get rid of his new rival.

EPISODE TWO (6/21/08)

It's Candelabra and Hunter's two week anniversary of
their engagement, and he wanted to give her something special.
- Photo by Aaron Francis -

He's painted her portrait from memory, but when
he unveils it - there's Cesar, painting over it!

He has painted her some beautiful juicy frutas,
the kind he loves... in his mouth.

Between takes, as Perito does his hand exercises
(he keeps on his toes; he's gotta be quick, 'cause
here's how it goes), the actor who plays Hunter has an idea.

He jabs Perito in the arm with novocaine!

Perito's arm, it is dead!  He
knows not what he touches.


They must dance the tango on live television
in just moments, but Perito's hand is numbed!
They have been in a similar situation before...
they must remember... remember...

...remember what happened on the first day they
worked together, on that soap opera on Telemundo.

Exercise regimen on the Telemundo soap opera.

They remember!  When Perito injured his hand,
they used... la otra mano.  The other hand!

Four arms.  Three actors.  One tango.


EPISODE FOUR (9/20/08)

Scooter (Jeff Galante) and the Barkeep (Richard Feliciano)
on a quiet night at what appears to be "Pete's Bar."

Hunter shows up to drink his troubles away.

He mocks Monolo - the one-armed freak.

But he's made a terrible mistake.  The sign wasn't working right.  This is an
AMPUTEE'S BAR.  Hunter should never have offended their inspiration, Monolo Montoya.

Monolo arrives.  But not to the rescue...

EPISODE FIVE (9/27/08)

Monolo can't go through with it.  The Barkeep
and Scooter accuse him of being a traitor.

An epic battle ensues... and Perito joins him in the fight!

Hunter is grateful - until he finds that Monolo just
slept with his fiancee, the actress who plays Candelabra.

After they leave, a newcomer enters (Carrie Wiita).  She's about
to have a five-line role on "Ruby Lake" as Dr. Sandra Palina,
and Scooter was supposed to put Hunter into a coma in real
life so that her role would be expanded on the show.

When Scooter threatens to expose her, she
decides to torch the bar - and Scooter with it.

EPISODE SIX (10/4/08)

Back on the TV show, Hunter visits Candelabra in
the hospital after she mysteriously passes out.

Dr. Sandra Palina informs her that she's pregnant -
and she doesn't look too happy about it.

Cesar sneaks into her room, disguised as a nurse.

Cesar and Hunter face off, while Candelabra
stays mum about her pregnancy.

And that's a wrap for Jessica Jensen, who played
Dr. Sandra Palina.  She can go home now.  Though she
vocally and unsubtly hopes they can work together again.  Soon.

Jessica knocks out Jeff - the actor who plays Hunter -
by hitting him in the head with a lighting fixture.

When he comes to, he can't remember his lines.
Or anything else.  He's a soap opera actor
who has amnesia in real life!

Jeff's real-life injury will have to be written into the show -
and so Jessica is quickly re-booked as Dr. Sandra Palina.
Her evil plan has worked!

EPISODE SEVEN (10/11/08)


How did the light fall on Jeff's head?
Inspector Monolo will solve the case!

They will watch that day's footage to find the guilty party!

The first tape, she is blank!

The second tape, she cut when the director said "Cut!"

The third tape, she is Monolo's niece's Quinceañera!

Ah, but the fourth tape... she is from a SECURITY CAMERA!

Footage from the security camera exposes Jessica!

Jeff suddenly remembers who knocked him out!
Everybody knows already.

Jessica has scarpered, but the cast of
RUBY LAKE vow to make her pay!

EPISODE EIGHT (10/18/08)
This week on Ruby Lake: Monolo Montoya, TV's biggest one-armed soap
opera star, gets a visit from his past... he and Perito face a momentous decision,
while Hunter and Candlnabra wrestle with jealousy and... taquitos?
This week's photos by Aaron Francis

Jeff and Jennifer (that's Candelabra's real name) get into
an argument about Monolo's taquito while filming a PSA.

Monolo's Big Papi (Bryan Krasner) arrives, asking him to give up this silly acting
business and return home with him to help run his corn tortilla empire.

He wants Monolo to marry the "flour princess" - his old sweetheart
Charlena Harina (Rebecca Larsen), daughter to the flour tortilla
empire, in order to bring their two tortilla empires together.

Charlena and Monolo remember the old days.

Remembering old times, dancing with Charlena.

Their old passion is rekindled.  Still, he says he will not come with her.

The flour princess gives him a flower to remember him by.

And Papi has a gift for him as well.
He and Charlena will be waiting in the car.

The sweet smell proves irresistible.

As Jeff and Jennifer continue to feud, it's time for "Ruby Lake" to continue filming.
The Director asks if Monolo is ready to go.  "Yes," he muses.  "I am ready... to go."

EPISODE NINE (10/25/08)
Monolo Montoya faces a life-changing decision.  The fate of "Ruby Lake"
hangs in the balance.  Enemies become lovers, lovers become enemies, and
everyone sings and dances as the entire cast of Ruby Lake: Episodes One
through Nine join Monolo and Perito in this climactic finale.

In a dream, Monolo's late mother, Marina Montoya (Jaime Andrews),
tells him he must make a decision importante.

The barkeep and Scooter attack Monolo.  He overpowers them and gives them a talking to,
and they pledge to open a new bar, open to everybody - not just amputees.

Romance blossoms between "Sandra" and Big Papi,
and they forget their anger at Monolo.

Candelabra finds that her evil twin sister, Chandeleira - yes, she's a
soap opera star who has an evil twin sister in real life - is the one
who slept with Monolo. She and Hunter live happily ever after.

Monolo decides to marry Charlena - for love, and
not for money - and return home to use his fortune
to build a school for the disabled children of Mexico.

A Song of Farewell

"Ruby Lake" is over - they're all out of work.

The Final Farewell


Monolo contemplates a return.


A tribute to Ruby Lake, courtesy of Enrique Iglesias and his hit song, "Hero."


Candelabra and Hunter on the set of their
new spinoff show, CSI: Ruby Lake.

Famous director McB (Micah Sudduth).

Candelabra misses Monolo.  Without him, they're
45th in the ratings... tied with CSI: Van Nuys.

Meanwhile, Monolo tries to get through security at the airport,
where he has been detained by the security guard (Richard Feliciano).

"My soul has heard the call of the peoples... from their mouths...
they cry out for Ruby Lake, and I must answer their call."

Monolo is informed that his work visa has expired.
He's no longer a famous TV star... he's just an illegal alien.