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written by Joe Hendrix
directed by Nathan Oliver

2 Episodes
/19/08 - 4/26/08

If you can't hear your own heart, listen to ours...


Joe Hendrix

Wilson (Ep. 1)

Kelsey Wedeen

Heliothippingngjerk (Eps. 1-2)

Jaime Robledo

Roger Ashley (Eps. 1-2)

John Wolf

Brendan Wahkoff (Announcer) (Eps. 1-2)

David Mayes

Audience Member (Ep. 1)
Wendell (Ep. 2)

Charlie Pecoraro

Gajendra Pathak (Ep. 1)

Supatra Hanna & Brooke Wilson

The Straight Edge Veggies (Ep. 1)

Ajredin Elez

Detective Chorizo (Ep. 2)

Jon Monstero

Detective Manchunk (Ep. 2)

Stephen Simon

S.A. Spritzer (Ep. 2)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (4/19/08)

Arty and incoherent Gajendra Pathak (Charlie Pecoraro) and
the Straight Edge Veggies (Supatra Hanna & Brooke Wilson)
compete in a network talent show in Burbank.

Irish Wilson (Joe Hendrix) and Icelandic Heliothippingngjerk (Kelsey Wedeen)
aim to win this contest with simple songs from the heart.

P.A. Roger (Jaime Robledo) immediately falls
for Heliothippingngjerk and vows she will be his.

Roger is told off by an audience member (David Mayes),
who later warns to Wilson to look out for Roger.

The show's smarmy Announcer (John Wolf).
Laugh at his puns or he'll throw candy in your face.

Wilson & Heliothippingngjerk's performance.

As they conclude their performance, Wilson is shot!

EPISODE TWO (4/26/08)

In a holding cell, the Announcer can't shut up, narrating
their imprisonment along with a random weird guy who keeps
farting.  Roger tries to cozy up to Heliothippingngjerk and sing her
a song, but is cut off by the loudspeaker calling for the weird guy.

Wendell (David Mayes) interrogates the
weird guy (Stephen Simon), but it turns
out that Wendell is just the janitor.

The weird guy is actually FBI agent S.A. Spritzer, and
he tells Detectives Manchunk (Jon Monastero) and
Chorizo (Ajredin Elez) about his mission to combat
the I.R.A. - the Icelandic Republican Army.

In a song of woe, Wendell bemoans his life as a janitor, while
Heliothippingngjerk reveals that she's an Icelandic Republican Army agent
sent to spy on and possibly kill Wilson - but she's been falling for him.

Roger is about to spill the beans as to who shot Wilson,
but then... there's a blackout.  End of episode.