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written by Joe Jordan
directed by Jaime Robledo

11 Episodes
12/15/07 - 4/19/08

Stop in.  Have some pie.


Franci Montgomery

Red (Eps. 1-11)

Eric Johnson

Marvin (Eps. 1-10)

Scott Leggett

Dougal (Eps. 1-11)

Jaime Robledo

Ramiro (Eps. 1-9 & 11)

Christopher Gyre

The Stranger (Eps. 1-11)

Heather Hopkins

Dancing Woman (Ep. 1)

Carrie Wiita

Kris (Eps. 1-10)

Jaime Andrews

Starla (Eps. 2-9 & 11)

Stephen Simon

Coleman (Eps. 3-7 & 11)

C.M. Gonzalez

Man (Ep. 3)

Fleur Phillips

Carly (Eps. 4 & 7-8)

Joe Fria

Gunner (Eps. 4-5 & 7)

Joe Jordan

The Man Selling Boxes (Ep. 4)

David LM McIntyre

Red Tie Man (Eps. 5 & 10)

C.M. Gonzalez

Flores (Ep. 6)

Pat Towne

Diva (Ep. 7)

Kat Bardot

LoAnne (Eps. 8-9 & 11)

Bruno Oliver

Ratzschmidt (Eps. 8 & 11)

Paul Plunkett

Pongo (Eps. 8 & 10-11)

Kathi Copeland

Josie (Eps. 9 & 11)

Philip Newby

Horace (Ep. 9)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODES ONE & TWO (12/15/07 & 1/26/08)

Dougal (Scott Leggett), a trucker who's seen too much.

Marvin (Eric Johnson), a trucker who keeps his own counsel.

New waitress Kris (Carrie Wiita), who is determined to
get that spoon as clean as it can possibly be.

Seasoned waitress Red (Franci Montgomery), who advises
Kris on pie protocol, and janitor Ramiro (Jaime Robledo),
who may be - as may we all be - a helpless pawn of...

...The Stranger (Chris Gyre), who harbors
dark secrets... and darker powers.
"There is no story," he continually warns us.
"This is not happening."

Starla (Jaime Andrews) recoils in horror.. because
Gunner is back.  God help us all, he's back.


Earlier: Coleman (Stephen Simon) is
unnerved that Gunner's gone missing.

Reality shift: The Stranger holds a gun to Coleman's head, and
Kris seems to have something to do with the spooky goings-on.


This week, we go back.  Back in time.  A prequel, of sorts.

A mysterious blind peddler (Joe Jordan) sold Red a box.  (See video above)

Starla wants Gunner to take her away from here,
but Gunner... may not be her best option.

Gunner and Carly (Fleur Phillips) were an item, but now
he's done something awful to her... and she doesn't even
 know what it was.  Just that it was bad.  (See video below)

the darkness wants you inside of it

EPISODE FIVE (2/16/08)

The Stranger stays Strange.

Back in the present (perhaps), Coleman is wounded and dazed.
Nobody can remember what happened the other day.
Marvin thinks it was all a dream.

Phone call for Ramiro.

The Red Tie Man (David LM McIntyre) demands coffee.

Some puppyfucker stole Dougal's stamp book.
He is righteously pissed off.

As the Red Tie Man unspools an infinite tie, both Kris and Gunner -
both with another voice speaking through them - threaten
to show Coleman the true nature of the Darkness.

Reality - such as it is - snaps back into focus..
and Coleman is unconscious on the floor.

EPISODE SIX (2/23/08)

The mysterious Flores (C.M. Gonzalez) seeks audience with
Ramiro - and gifts him with an equally mysterious vial.

Also, Kris wonders if anybody saw a goat in here.
And Coleman warns, "Beware the goat - his teeth and fire!"


The Past: After a night with Carly, Marvin warns her against getting involved with Gunner.

Dougal is convinced that the red key that was inside the egg that
came out of his mouth will open Red's red box.  He's wrong.

The Diva (Pat Towne).

Song of the Diva.


Starla comforts Red, who has been having bad dreams about Coleman
and a goat... ever since Coleman brutalized Kris and then shot himself.

Surly waitress Loann (Kat Bardot) - a temporary replacement for Kris - waits
on Officer Ratzschmidt (Bruno Oliver), who is investigating Coleman's death.

Brain-damaged Deupty Pongo (Paul Plunkett).
He and Dougal quickly forge a bond of friendhsip.

In a vision, Carly begs Marvin to find her.


Kris can't move.  Ramiro brings Kris flowers, and assures her this is real.
The Stranger tells her that she'll be fine... something just has to... come out.

Marvin can't move - it feels like a
mighty wind is keeping him in place.

Ill-tempered Josie (Kathi Copeland) stops in for some pie.

Starla's pimp Horace (Philip Newby) stops
by to clarify that nobody touches his girls.

Dougal can't take it any more - he has to find out what's
in that box.  He breaks it open - and it's empty.  But...

...as soon as it's broken, Marvin can move again.
And he leaves, destination unknown.

EPISODE TEN (4/12/08)

The Red Tie Man has mysteriously appeared in Marvin's truck.
He warns Marvin, "You will not find her.  You will not find... all of her."

After Marvin throws him out, he produces a human
heart - Carly's? - and brays.  Like a goat.

Visiting Kris at the hospital.

Dougal's nightmares.

Pongo's pain.

As Pongo has a doom-laden vision, Marvin collides with something on the road.


Pongo tells us what he saw:

Loann and Starla talk about their lives.

Loann and Starla.

Josie has a warning for Starla, but she won't heed it.
"If it rains fire, I'll draw a bath and get underwater."

Loann has Dougal's missing stamp book.  Officer Ratzschmidt catches her with it - and brutally beats
her and drags her off, telling her that if she screams, people will simply think... they're back together.

The Stranger muses on the nature of Apocalypse,
while Coleman wonders what to do now that he's dead.

It's happening.  Apocalypse is coming.  This is what it's all been leading up to.