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written by Joe Hendrix & Christina Reynolds
directed by Philip Newby

1 Episode

Laughter is the Enemy. And that is not a joke.


Joe Hendrix

Peter Gun

Kelsey Wedeen

Greta Gloom

Jaime Andrews

Susan B. Anthony

Philip Newby


Ajredin Elez

Morning Radio Guy

Kat Bardot

Jillian Porgernsen

Terry Tocantins

Washed Up  Stand-Up Comic

by Aaron Francis

A washed up stand-up comic (Terry Tocantins) is murdered mid-set...

...by a mysterious assassin who believes that laughter is the enemy.  No joke.

Peter Gun (Joe Hendrix) wakes up to radio news reports that laughter, which has been
gone for decades, has recently made a bloody return, thanks to an assassin named "Jommis."

Peter is late to meet his friend Jommis, who has left him a note
and a shirt.  The note says to hang around and wear the shirt.

He is soon kidnapped by a gang led by Greta Gloom (Kelsey Wedeen)...

...and her goons, Susan B. Anthony (Jaime Andrews) and Saquajawea (Philip Newby).
They want the Ancient Book of Funny, which contains all the world's laughter, and has
for decades been hidden in the Safe of Sadness, while the Great Grump rules the world.
And they know that Jommis Wright knows where it is.  Peter, however, knows nothing.

How soon do they want the book back?  Well...