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written by Brian Wallis, JJ Mayes,
David Mayes & Mike Rotman
directed by JJ Mayes

1 Episode

With a tattered image at home and abroad, an economy
on the brink of ruin, and a flailing presidential campaign,
the GOP needs a hero... enter the hobos!


Dan Wingard

Calvin Coolidge

Rebecca Larsen


Brian Wallis

Hobo Oney

Richard Levinson

Hobo Albert

by C.M. Gonazlez

Oney (Brian Wallis) and Albert (Richard Levinson)
are hobos on a mission - a mission to find
themselves a one-term Republican President.

Former President Calvin Coolidge (Dan Wingard)
and little girl Susie (Rebecca Larsen).

Cal's closest confidant, Locke.

The Hobos ask Silent Cal to run for President again,
but not in 1933 - in 2008.  They're time traveling hobos.

"I feel I no longer fit in with these times."

Susie jumps into the time machine!