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written by Jenelle Riley
directed by JJ Mayes

1 Episode

Four girls who have nothing...except each other!


Lara Everly


Franci Montgomery


Jenelle Riley


Julia Griswold


Eric Johnson


Tanner Thomason


Sean Sweeney


Michael Holmes


Scott Leggett


photos by Amber Rey

This is Anna (Lara Everly), the smart one.
In the movie, the most famous actress in it will play her.

This is Blake (Franci Montgomery), the edgy one.  You can tell she's edgy
'cause she's got pink streaks in her hair... and ARM SOCKS!  But by the end,
you'll find out that she just wants to be loved.  The adult version of her
in the movie will be played by a former washed-up sex symbol.

This is Carmen (Jenelle Riley), the ethnic one - you can tell by her dark hair
and kinda tanned skin.  She only speaks in an accent during scenes featuring
her wacky immigrant family.  She'll be played by a famous Hollywood lesbian.

= cough = This is Kristen (Julia Griswold), the one who's obviously gonna die. = cough =
She won't be played by anybody in the movie because... well, duh.

Papa (Eric Johnson), Carmen's wacky immigrant dad.

Carmen meets her dad's new busboy, Jim (Tanner Thomason),
who is "instantly the most infuriating man I've ever met!"
They will, of course, become lovers despite her dad's opposition.

Lewis (Sean Sweeney), Blake's asexual best friend since childhood,
pines for her and writes poetry for her, but...

...she only has eyes for bad boy D (Michael Holmes).

Anna is sexually harassed by her new boss, Mr. Servo (Scott Leggett), who wants her to play
with his 18-inch hard drive.  And when he says "hard drive," he's talkin' about... y'know... sodomy.

The girls think something MAY be wrong with Kristen.