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written & directed by
Anna Baardsen & Ari Radousky

3 Episodes
2/14/09 - 2/28/09

And he thought conquering Europe was a challenge...


Scott Leggett

Atilla (Eps. 1-3)

Megan Crockett

Honoria (Eps. 1-3)

Colin Willkie

Troy (Eps. 1-3)

Julia Griswold

Roma (Eps. 1-3)

Anna Baardsen

Ravenna (Eps. 1-2)

JJ Mayes

John (Ep. 2)
Bailiff Todd Baker (Ep. 3)

Jaime Robledo

Frank (Ep. 2)

Brian Wallis

Dispatch (Ep. 2)
Wayne Owens
(Eps. 2-3)

Rebecca Egender

Donna (Ep. 2)

Eric Carter

Pilot (Ep. 2)
Andrews (Ep. 3)

Rafeal Clements

Judge Pickett (Ep. 3)

David Mayes

Riggs (Ep. 3)

Jaime Andrews

Jaime Andrews (Ep. 3)

Choreography by Megan Crockett
Music Performed by Richard Levinson

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (2/14/09)
Photos this week by Angela Carper Lanahan

Househusband Atilla the Hun (Scott Legget) makes dinner for
his kids, Troy (Colin Willkie) and Roma (Julia Griswold).

Singing the "Hi Hun, I'm Home" theme.

Greeting his wife, Honoria (Megan Crockett),
as she returns home from work.

Atilla reminds his feisty daughter Roma what he taught her about sparring.

When Honoria tells Atilla she's going away to Cincinnatti
for a convention, Atilla is inexplicably grief-stricken.

Visiting neighbor Ravenna (Anna Baardsen) is oblivious to Atilla's pain.

In an ancient Hunic ritual done for those you love, Atilla feeds
Honoria twice-slaughtered ewe.  It is a beautiful moment between them.

The beautiful ritual of the Twice-Slaughtered Ewe.

Atilla rocks some Styx for his Lady.

After Atilla sings Styx, Honoria gets to the heart of the matter.

After Honoria leaves, Roma notices that she's left her purse
and portfolio behind.  Atilla leads a charge - TO CINCINNATTI!

EPISODE TWO (2/21/09)

The Hun family hurries to the airpor on horseback.
Roma thinks it's dumb that her friend at school can't even ride a horse,
but Atilla has taught her that "Enduring a friend's weaknesses
prepares one for enduring an enemy's strengths."

Detectives John (JJ Mayes) and Frank (Jaime Robledo)
get a call about somebody riding horses in the street.

The "Hi Hun, I'm Home" theme song.

On the plane, Honoria realizes she left her purse
and portfolio at home.  (L: Rebecca Egender as "Donna")

A tense moment as Atilla appears to resist arrest.

Detective John takes Honoria's things to her on the plane.

The detectives were going to let Atilla go with a misdemeanor charge, but
Homeland Security Agent Wayne Owne (Brian Wallis) arrives and arrests him.


Atilla, his family behind him, dresses for his day in court
as he sits by the side of his lawyer, Andrews (Eric Carter).

Prosecuting Attorney Riggs (David Mayes) and Wayne have
charged Atilla with domestic terrorism and airport piracy.

Judge Pickett (Rafeal Clements) takes testimony from Roma,
but she didn't see anything... she fell asleep on the way there.

Court Reporter Saunders (Jaime Andrews)
reads back Atilla's testimony.

Atilla gives an impassioned defense in the only language he
speaks that anybody in the room who isn't part of his family
can translate... Latin.  Specifically, Pig Latin.

All charges are dismissed, but Wayne
swears he'll get Atilla one day.

When an embarrassed Troy storms out, wanting to be an American
boy instead of always being reminded of his Hunic heritage, Roma
reminds her dad of the Hunic Code of Parenthood:  "The arrow
that never leaves the quiver never strikes its target."