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written by Corey O'Brien
directed by Aaron Francis

1 Episode

One god.  One follower.  God dammit.


Dean Jacobson


Stephen Simon


Jonathan Goldstein


Aaron Francis


by C.M. Gonzalez

Chris the Chorus (Stephen Simon) patiently awaits the re-awakening
of Mortarius, Lord of the Undead, who has slept for 6000 years.

Mort is frustrated that his powers are greatly diminished.  He can levitate
a coffee cup... but only if it's really close to him... and he has to want it real bad.

Mort - who is shocked to find that Jehovah has three major religions these days -
is advised by his Chorus to get more followers by appearing on television.

A juggler (Aaron Francis) begs for a spot on television from ruthless
network exec Steve (Jonathan Goldstein), who adminishes him,
"If shit could shit, you are what it would shit ON."

Mort interviews with Steve, who doesn't seem impressed to be talking to a god.
Mort, over Chris' objections, claims to be able to raise the dead.

Steve has the juggler shot in the head.  Mort can't raise him.
Thinking fast, Mort claims the stars are not in alignment.

Steve realizes that it's a win-win.
If Mort raises the dead on his show, great!
If not... great!  Everybody loves a crazy guy!
"Congratulations!  You're gonna be on television!"