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written by Harold Pinter
dramaturged & directed by Brendan Hunt

3 Episodes
/18/09 - 5/2/09

It's a little-known fact that many successful American sitcoms
are based on British sitcoms... written by Harold Pinter.

Photos by C.M. Gonzalez

The Host (Bruno Oliver) introduces you to the more
obscure works of genius playwright Harold Pinter

VOL. 1: "Two and a Half Men" (4/18/09)

Jake is having a Birthday Party!

Bruno Oliver


Pat Towne


Julia Griswold


Brendan Hunt


Bryan Krasner


Berta (Pat Towne), caretaker of the boarding house were young Jake (Julia Griswold) lives.
She's convinced it's his birthday, and treats him like a child, although he's really 30.

Two men, Charlie (Bryan Krasner) and Alan (Brendan Hunt)
arrive, ostensibly on a seaside holiday.

As Alan builds a slow rage, Charlie slowly,
menacingly, tears a newspaper into strips.

A moment of anger between Alan and Charlie.

Alan and Charlie subject Jake to a terrifying, bizarre interrogation.
They also insist it's his birthday, though he says it's not.
Click on the picture to hear the interrogation!


VOL. 2: "I Dream of Jeannie" (4/25/09)

Major Nelson has been Betrayed.

Bruno Oliver


Julia Griswold

Jeannie Nelson

Bryan Krasner

Major Roger Healey

Brendan Hunt

Major Tony Nelson

Pat Towne

Dr. Bellows

Major Nelson (Brendan Hunt) and Jeannie (Julia Griswold)
ponder their complex and strained relationship.

Harold Pinter's "I Dream of Jeannie"

Major Roger Healey (Bryan Krasner) meet with Jeannie for
drinks, and she says she has a thing going with Dr. Bellows these days.

Years earlier: An angry Major Nelson tells Jeannie that the invasion
of a third world country is no place for women or genies.

A year earlier: Jeannie visits Major Nelson in
his capsule on the way to the moon.

Even earlier: "Shall we love?"  Major Healey
and Jeannie are happy in their affair.

Dr. Bellows (Pat Towne) threatens to expose
Tony Nelson's shameful secret someday.

VOL. 3: "WKRP In Cincinnati" (5/2/09)

Baby.  (Pause.)  If you've ever wondered.  (Pause.)

Bruno Oliver

Host / Arthur Carlson

Ed Goodman

Dr. Johnny Fever

Stacey Jackson

Jennifer Marlowe

Brendan Hunt

Andy Travis

Bryan Krasner

Les Nesman

Pat Towne

Herb Tarlick

Julia Griswold

Bailey Quarters

Ruth Silveira

Mrs. Carlson

An excerpt from Harold Pinter's "WKRP In Cincinnati"

Dr. Johnny Fever (Ed Goodman)

Mr. Carlson (Bruno Oliver) reminds Andy Travis (Brendan Hunt)
who's Top Dog around here.

"Am I feminine enough for you, Mr. Carlson?"
Stacey Jackson as "Jennifer Marlowe"

Les Nesman (Bryan Krasner) is covering the rally for Armenian Genocide.
"Oh my god, they're Turkish people! Oh, the humanity! People
aren't even running away! All the Armenian people are just
standing and laughing, saying 'That's what you get'!"

Self-proclaimed Sales King of Cincinnati
Herb Tarlek (Pat Towne) boasts of his successes.

When Herb completes his boastful tirade, Jennifer regards him coolly
and says, "Sorry, missed all that. All I heard was the sound of cunts."

Miss Quarters (Julia Griswold) is pregnant by Johnny.
He calls her a whore and turns away, refusing to talk to her.

Mr. Carlson calls a staff meeting to remind everybody who's Top Dog.

"Well done, Mr. Carlson. You deserve to sit at my feet
like a puppy."  Herb's left out in the cold again.

A bizarre interlude.  "I remember you dead... your corpse
was immaculate... you were dead in my room."

Suddenly, the Emergency Broadcast System tone tears through the office at
unbearably high decibel levels, bursting everybody's eardrums and killing them instantly.

Andy tells Mrs. Carlson (Ruth Silveira) that everyone murdered each other...
apparently by raping each other in the ear.  He'll be Top Dog now.

However, Mrs. Carlson poisons him.
"There can only be one Top Dog in the Queen's city.  Only one."
Click on the picture to hear Andy's death throes!