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written by JJ Mayes & Colin Willkie
directed by JJ Mayes

1 Episode

When it gets dry in the Old West, you know a storm is coming.


Larry Biederman

Old Man

Mike Apple

Quiet Man

Hugo Armstrong


Richard Levinson

Piano Player

Tim Sheridan


Joseph Woods

The Hand

Sean Sweeney

The Messenger

Michael Holmes

The Mexican

Kat Bardot & Anna Baardsen


Brian Wallis & Matt Valle

Card Players

by C.M. Gonzalez

Late at night in the Old West, an Old Man (Larry Biederman)
is awakened by the arrival of a stranger...

...a quiet, wordless stranger (Mike Apple)
who shoots him dead.

He goes to the local saloon.  The bartender (Hugo Armstrong)
can't get him to talk.  Neither can the Bar Maid (Kat Bardot).
He just sips his whiskey in silence.

A pair of card players (Matt Valle & Brian Wallis), the Piano Player (Richard Levinson)
and another Bar Maid (Anna Baardsen) pay the stranger no mind.

Meanwhile, the Messenger (Sean Sweeney) brings bad
news to the Sheriff (Tim Sheridan) - the old man is dead.

For his pains, he is shot dead by The Hand (Joseph Woods).
The Sheriff vows vengeance on the man who shot his father.

For his pains, he is shot dead by The Hand (Joseph Woods).

On the outskirts of town, the Quiet stranger's
associate, the Mexican (Michael Holmes), doesn't
understand why they don't leave already.

"Storm's coming," he says...