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written & directed by
Jason Charnick & CJ Woods

1 Episode

Un Abogado Estupendo For Your Accidentes Tremendos!


Joe Hendrix

Paco Conqueso

JJ Mayes

Mexican Overlord

Christopher Titone


Kylie Deneen


Lee Castro


CJ Woods

TV Husband / Bus Driver

Jenna Heffernan

TV Wife

Christopher W. Jones

Mystery Man

by C.M. Gonzalez
plus video stills by Aaron Francis

Paco Conqueso (Joe Hendrix) makes a cheesy commercial for
his law offices.  (Background: CJ Woods & Jenna Heffernan.)

As his secretary Grace (Kylie Deneen) does the books,
Paco - his fake Mexican accent and moustache gone -
desperately tries to hold his business together.

Why the heck did they hire Sexual Harassment Benny (Christopher Titone)?

The Mexican Overlord (JJ Mayes) had a "serious accidente,"
and he needs to know that Paco can be... discreet.

The Overlord left his briefcase behind... and there's a severed arm inside.

Suddenly, a one-armed man (Christopher W. Jones)
arrives, looking for an "abogado estupendo."