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written & directed by Rebecca Larsen

1 Episode

Sometimes when god closes a door, he opens a jail cell.


Mark Primiano


Rebecca Larsen


Emily Greener


by C.M. Gonzalez

On a particularly bad day, Geraldine gets advice from an unlikely source.

Distraught grad student Geraldine (Rebecca Larsen)
returns to her apartment in tears.

She discovers a man, Scott (Mark Primiano) in her apartment, robbing her, but doesn't care.
"My life is shaping up to be just a dash between dates and a gravestone anyway."

Scott finds himself becoming an unlikely counselor for Geraldine.

When roommate Kiki (Emily Greener) comes home, Geraldine
tells her that Scott is her study partner, "Jorge."

Geraldine suddenly gets an idea.  Scott should kidnap her.  Her father
is loaded... they'll both make a mint!  Scott reluctantly agrees, so long
as they split the loot 50/50... and he gets the cappuccino machine.