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written by Bob DeRosa
directed by Ben Rock

7 Episodes
Original Run:  4 Episodes - 2/6/10 - 3/20/10
Playoffs:  3 Episodes - 5/29/10 - 6/12/10

If you want redemption, you're
gonna have to get a little bloody.


Pat Towne

Patrick Price (Eps. 1-7)

Victor Isaac

Knuckles (Eps. 1-7)

Andrea Walker

Marion (Eps. 1-7)

Donal Thoms-Capello

Texas Pete (Eps. 1-7)

Bostin Christopher

Big Joe (Ep. 1)

Weetus Cren

M.C. Bob (Ep. 1)

Rebecca Larsen

Bikini Girl (Ep. 1)
Bartender (Ep. 2)

Jay Bogdanowitsch

Fighter (Ep. 1)
Bum (Ep. 2)
Ring Girl (Ep. 3)
Orderly (Ep. 4)
Barkeep (Ep. 5)
Referee (Ep. 6)

Ari Radousky

Fighter (Ep. 1)
Bum (Ep. 2)

Anthony Backman

Mad Mackey (Eps. 2-4 & 6-7)

Jennifer C. Smith

Ethelinda (Eps. 2-3 & 6-7)

Isaac Singleton Jr.

Leslie (Eps. 2-3)

Ron Keck

Bum (Ep. 2)

Jaime Andrews

Announcer (Eps. 3-4)

Julia Griswold

Susie (Eps. 5-7)

Bryan Krasner

Big Joe Johnson (Ep. 5)

Derrick White

Wesley (Eps. 6-7)

Colin Willkie & Ceasar F. Barajas

"Puppeteers" (Ep. 7)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (2/6/10)

Patrick Price (Pat Towne) was once the biggest boxing promoter
in Troubletown, but now he's just a self-pitying drunk.

Price drunkenly lists his final requests.

His wife, Marion (Andrea Walker) suggests that he's only washed up
because he's betrayed every single fighter he's ever promoted.

An unexpected second chance arrives in the form of
a call from Texas Pete (Donal Thoms-Capello).

Texas Pete tells Price about a new fighter he's found.

At the ring down at the Troubletown warehouse, where M.C. Bob (Weetus Cren)
officiates bareknuckle fights, a couple of meatheads (Jay Bogdanowitsch and Ari Radousky)
spar, but neither of  these jamokes are the guy Texas Pete called about.

Big Joe (Bostin Christopher) is scary and impressive...
but he's also NOT the guy Texas Pete's talking about.

It's THIS scrawny guy, Knuckles (Victor Isaac).

The first couple of rounds don't go well...

...but after a self-serving pep talk from Price, Knuckles finally brings his skills to bear.

Patrick Price... is back.

It all went down a little like this...

EPISODE TWO (2/13/10)

Marion soon finds that Knuckles is much more than just a boxer.
He's sensitive, intelligent... and just one touch of his hands
makes her lose herself in sexual ecstasy.  She says Price will
kill them if he ever catches them.
"Then I'll just have to die with the taste of you on my lips."

Price hits on the bartender, who he recognizes
as the ring girl from the fight. She denies it... violently. "You
don't know me. I am not Russian, and I am not undercover."

Dangerous gangster Mad Mackey (Anthony Backman)
lost $1000 when Knuckles won the fight last night.
Price flirts with his wife, Ethelinda (Jennifer C. Smith).

After Price leaves, we find that Texas Pete is in Mackey's employ.
He's setting up Knuckles to be demolished by his new fighter,
Leslie (Isaac Singleton Jr.).  However, Texas Pete forgot to ask
Price for a finder's fee, and that might make him suspicious.
To punish Pete for this mistake, Mackey has Leslie cut off Pete's
other hand.  "Compared to what I'm going to do to Knuckles, this is
gonna be like cupcakes on a sunny day."  "What does that even MEAN?"

Meanwhile, Marion has unwisely chosen to walk home
through a bad area of town.  A bum (Ron Keck) accosts her.
She is soon surrounded.

Knuckles arrives, and makes short work of the bums.

A savage Knuckles bites off one of the bums' ears and serves it to his friend on a plate.

Price catches Marion and Knuckles together.
NOW they're in trouble.

Photos this week by Emily Donn

A distraught Price gets drunk, gun in hand, waiting to kill Marion when she gets home...
but instead Ethelinda shows up, asking for asylum from her dangerous husband.

Marion and Knuckles come to beg his forgiveness, but find him in Ethelinda's arms.

A catfight ensues in which Marion nearly kills Ethelinda, but
Knuckles stops her.  "You're not a beast... like me."

Her seduction was a plot to distract Price
so he can't coach Knuckles properly.

Time for the big fight!  Knuckles vs. Leslie!
The referee (Jaime Andrews) spells out the rules.
Such as they are.

The fight.

The new Ring Girl (Jay Bogdanowitsch).

Leslie clobbers Knuckles.

Texas Pete slips up: "I promised Mr. Mackie I wouldn't interfere... oops!"

Price coaches Knuckles to cheat... and a feral Knuckles rips
Leslie's head clean off! (Well, maybe not so clean.)

Price celebrates the victory.

Mackie goes to shoot Knuckles... but the refferee shoots him first!

The referee is really the ring girl from Knuckles' first fight.  Who is she, anyway?
She is Natasha! Knuckles is her husband, and she's undercover to
make sure nobody hurts Knuckles... EXCEPT HER!

EPISODE FOUR (3/20/10)
Photos this week by Emily Donn

Knuckles is in the hospital after Natasha's assault...
but there's something fishy about that nurse.

Really?  Nobody saw through that disguise?  Really?

Mad Mackey, also hospitalized, once again tries for revenge, but that's Natasha's bag.
 She once again stops him. And kills the orderly (Jay Bogdanowitsch) in the process.

"Do it," whispers Knuckles... and Natasha poisons him.  She leaves
with Texas Pete, leaving Marion to say a hurried goodbye.


Price, robbed of his shot at redemption, decends into alcoholism, and
verbally abuses Susie (Julia Griswold), his bartender, as is his wont.

Texas Pete and Marion visit to try to pick up his spirits.

But it'll take an actual spirit to give Price hope once more.  The ghost of
Knuckles comes to Price to tell him he'll get one more shot at redemption.
A new fighter will come to him, and he'll have to help her.

Big Joe Johnson (Bryan Krasner), a fighter who lost his teeth
to Knuckles, comes looking to take his revenge out on Price.
"I don't see how that benefits me at all!"

The barkeep (Jay Bogdanowitsch) tries to help,
but Big Joe rips his heart out and feeds it to him.

As Big Joe comes for Price, Susie, enraged at the death of the barkeep,
suddenly shows great fighting prowess... and a familiar savagery.

So, um... THIS happened.

"I'm so confused! What happened?"
"I'll tell you what happened, little lady dwarf!
You just got yourself a fight promoter!"


"Put your hands together for the most
dangerous dwarf in all of Troubletown!"

Susie: "Don't you see? I can only fight if I'm avenging a loved one."
Texas Pete: "Can you avenge my hands? How I miss them."
Marion promises to protect her.

Mad Mackey is now "the most dangerous
paralyzed gangster in all of Troubletown."

It seems that Mackey's fighter Leslie, who Knuckles decapitated,
has a sister, Wesley (Derrick White), who is out for revenge.

Knuckles tells him he'll get Susie killed. "If you want
redemption, you're gonna have to get a little bloody."
Price doesn't understand. Knuckles can't help him any more.

The fight does not go well.

"Oh, I can't watch!" Texas Pete covers his eyes... and accidentally gouges them out.

Marion tries to protect Susie... and Wesley breaks her neck.

Susie becomes an avenging ball of flying fury.


Price mourns Marion, who watches from heaven alongside Knuckles.

Leslie and Ethelinda begins to batter Susie to a pulp.

Marion tells Price that if he wants redemption, he'll have
to get bloody - he'll have to get in there and fight.

So Price enters the fray... and attacks paralyzed
Mad Mackey. With the contents of his colostomy bag.

Susie dies in Price's arms. "I was never good at anything... until I met you. Thank..."

"The cries of despair! I can't bear to listen!"  Texas Pete accidentally punctures his eardrums.

Price realizes there'll be no redemption until he beats Mackey. "I'll learn to fight...
and next week, I'll settle this thing once and for all!  Unless, by chance, we have
to come back the following week, and then I'll fight an even BIGGER fight!
Do your worst, Mad Mackey... 'cause I'm ready to get BLOODY!"