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written & directed by Paul Feldman

1 Episode

Blessed be.


Adam Leadbeater

Egon Rasmussen

Diva Zappa


Franci Montgomery


Eric Johnson

Mr. Periwinkle

David Mayes

Mr. Gentry

Troy Vincent

Dr. Rolling

Jaime Andrews

Old Church Lady

Corey Klemow

Poultry Worker

by C.M. Gonzalez

Farmer's daughters Misty (Diva Zappa) and Julie (Franci Montgomery)
are worried about the new pastor.  He drives a hybrid... and it's
got a "Vote Nader" sticker on it... and tinted windows.

"I am NOT a pastor. I am Egon Rasmussen, Pagan Cleric.
Behold the Staff of Aschenputtel!" (Adam Leadbeater as Egon)

Julie is impressed by the power in his rod, and his
description of tilling the soil and sowing the seeds of life.

The Church Men's club - really a front for the Atheist Conspiracy - meet and discuss
the danger posed by Egon.  (L-R: David Mayes as "Mr. Gantry" - father of Julie,
Eric Johnson as "Mr. Periwinkle" and Toy Vincent as "Dr. Rolling.")

The Old Church Lady (Jaime Andrews) very much enjoyed
Egon's... service... as did the rest of the congregation.

Pagan orgy aftermath.

Julie agrees to be Egon's pagan bride.

Julie's father uses her as bait to lure Egon to his poultry
slaughterhouse to be murdered.  (
Corey Klemow as "Poultry Worker")