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written by Jacob Sidney
directed by Andrew Ableson

styled by Jean Spinosa
music & lyrics by Richard Levinson

1 Episode

FRAN! is performed in front of a live theatre audience.


Jacob Sidney


Pat Towne


Rebecca Larsen


Jaime Andrews

Mrs. Goldmanberg

Curt Bonnem




Andrew Ableson & Crystal Keith

The Fran-Aires

Logo - Graphic Design by Jacob Sidney

by Jean Spinoza

Hair, makeup & costume tests for FRAN!

Hear the theme song and see more photos!

Theme From "Fran" (Live Version)

by C.M. Gonzalez

Time: the early 1970s.
Nosy neighbor Mrs. Goldmanberg (Jaime Andrews),
Harold (Pat Towne) and Marsha (Rebecca Larsen) have coffee.

Harold can't wait for his daughter Marsha and her son Joey to move out.
It's been six months since her husband left her and she moved in with her parents.

Mrs. Goldmanberg
thinks that Italians brew their
coffee black enough to march on Washington.

Suddenly, Fran (Jacob Sidney) magically appears in the chair Mrs. Goldmanberg was about to sit in!
FRAN: "Gladys, I've always been fond of you, but I'm not quite that liberated."
MRS. GOLDMANBERG: "What on earth are you doing there?"
FRAN: "It's my chair, dear. I live here."
MRS. G: "But I looked at that chair not two seconds ago and it was completely empty!"
FRAN: "And that means I can't sit here? I'm afraid I don't follow."

Mrs. Goldmanberg has seen a very nice car in their driveway very late last night.
Fran explains that his brother Paul is visiting... much to Harold's dismay.

Enter Paul (Curt Bonnem), Fran's flamingly gay warlock brother.
Joey asked Paul to come by animating Archimedes. Marsha's
concerned; he's not supposed to be using his powers. And he's
only 1/4 warlock; his powers shouldn't be so strong. Anyway,
Marsha doesn't want Paul there. She wants to be accepted by
the neighborhood, and Paul's out-and-out outness doesn't help.

Paul turns himself into Archimedes so that
Fran can take him along to the graduation.