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written & directed by Chad Fifer (eps 1-4)
written by Peter Fluet & directed by Eric Curtis Johnson (ep 5-8)

8 Episodes
Original Run: 4 Episodes - 4/3/10 - 4/24/10
Playoffs: 4 Episodes - 5/29/10 - 6/19/10

Two cockney gravediggers find their lives turned upside down
when Dr. Frankenstein threatens to replace them with machines.


Heather Klinke

Timmy (Eps. 1-4)

Chad Fifer

Tommy (Eps. 1-4)

Victor Isaac

Timmy (Eps. 5-8)

Anthony Backman

Tommy (Eps. 5-8)

Eric Curtis Johnson

Dr. Frankenstein (Eps. 1-8)

Colin Willkie

The Monster (Eps. 1-8)

Mandi Moss

Vera (Eps. 1, 3-5 & 7-8)

Sean Sweeney

Mr. Friday (Eps. 1-3)

KJ Middlebrooks

Count Dracula (Eps. 3-8)

Megan Crockett

Teacher (Ep. 3)

Rebecca Larsen

Elizabeth (Eps. 5 & 7-8)

Peter Fluet

Gentleman (Ep. 5)
Charles Dickens (Eps. 6-8)

Joseph Beck

Igor (Eps. 6-8)

Jacob Sidney

Hans Christian Andersen (Eps. 6-8)

JJ Mayes

Waiter (Ep. 6)

Jaime Andrews

Lilly (Eps. 7-8)

David LM McIntyre

Blind Man (Ep. 8)

Jay Bogdanowitsch

Constable (Ep. 8)

Sean Sweeney

Judge Grant (Ep. 8)

Joe Hendrix

Abraham Van Helsing (Ep. 8)

Brian Frates

Abraham Lincoln (Ep. 8)

Songs by Richard Levinson, KJ Middlebrooks & Robert Sylvester Kelly (Ep. 8)

Choreography by Marianne Davis (Ep. 8)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (4/3/10)

The trials and tribulations of Dr. Frankenstein's gravediggers.

In the dead of night, gravediggers Timmy (Heather Klinke) and
Tommy (Chad Fifer) dig for bodies for their employer, Dr. Frankenstein.

They overhear American efficiency expert Mr. Friday (Sean Sweeney)
advise Dr. Frankenstein (Eric Curtis Johnson) to invent a
gravedigging machine to replace the gravediggers.

Dr. Frankenstein would dig the graves himself, but "watching over
my impetuous  young daughter Vera takes up all my time."

Our heroes, who have discovered buried sacks of money, decide to steal that
 money and become proper gentlemen... and take their revenge on the "good" doctor.

Enter the Monster (Colin Willkie).

Dr. Frankenstein's daughter Vera (Mandi Moss) plans to run off with the Monster,
supporting themselves with the money she's buried... but when she finds the money
is gone, she commands the Monster to find the gravediggers... and kill them.

EPISODE TWO (4/10/10)

The gravediggers re-bury the money to hide it after taking some
to buy top hats - "which, as far as we know, is the
one item that separates a couple of dirty bastards
like us from a couple of gentleman geezers!"

The Monster keeps ripping up the gravedigging machines.
Now Dr. Frankenstein has no gravediggers to dispose of
the bodies left by the Monster, thanks to Mr. Friday.

Mr. Friday realizes what's up between the
Monster and Vera, and the money the gravediggers
have stolen... and plans to scam them.

Meanwhile, the gravediggers plan their revenge against Dr. Frankenstein:
Buy top hats. Pretend to be gentlemen.  Timmy will offer to marry Vera...
and then "poke her with his creamstick" while Dr. Frankenstein
watches... then rip away his fake moustache so that Dr.
Frankenstein can see he's really a gravedigger, not a gentleman.

Mr. Friday arrives, claiming he'll sell them top hats.

The Monster spots the gravediggers.


Our heroes are back to digging graves after spending time as gentlemen.
Oh, what larks they've had!  They remember...

Mr. Friday offers to sell them property in the Everglades, "where are the gentlemen
are buying their estates these days." He takes their money and gives them his top hat,
claiming he'll come back with another later.  Timmy gives him his hat as "collateral."

A top hat AND land!  Timmy's a gentleman at last!

Vera told the Monster to kill the next gravedigger he sees
carrying a big sack of money... and here comes the Monster...

The 'Stache Gambit

Timmy forgot to grow a moustache for his
disguise, so Tommy becomes his moustache.

Dr. Frankenstein welcomes the "gentleman" to his castle.

However, he's already chosen a suitor for the unwilling Vera:

Her suitor is Count Dracula (KJ Middlebrooks), who informs our heroes
that they've been had.  Mr. Friday's been selling worthless land.

As our heroes head home, they find that
Mr. Friday has been strangled right in front of
the school. The teacher (Megan Crockett) pays them two pounds each to bury his body.
Thus returning them to their lives as gravediggers, and bringing us full circle.

Tommy has a new idea: buy some land and go into business for themselves.
But where to get the bodies? Kill them themselves! "If only we could find a third
partner with loads of cash and no qualms about stranglin' people."


EPISODE FOUR (4/24/10)

Our heroes are digging their own graves...

...to advertise for their new gravedigging business.

Reminiscing about the Devil and a very, very friendly ghost.

Love Triangle

Vera is upset to find the Monster is has invested her money
in the gravedigging business, and breaks up with him.

She runs off with Dracula.

The Monster is upset at the gravediggers for ruining his only meaningful relationship.

Dr. Frankenstein is grief-stricken to find Tommy and Timmy's gravestones.
Assuming them dead, he runs off to find their bodies.

The Monster kills the gravediggers.
"Misery has made me a beast!"

Dr. Frankenstein finds their bodies still warm.
"Don't worry, my friends. I'm going to bring you back,
healthier and stronger than ever. And I have a few ideas
about certain alterations I can make as well!
Certain strange and quite useless alterations!"


On a stormy night, Dr. Frankenstein brings the gravediggers back to life...

...now almost totally unrecognizable. It has nothing to do with the original
actors being out of town and unavailable for the playoffs, nope, not at all.
(Anthony Backman as "Tommy" and Victor Isaac as "Timmy")

They at first decide that as they're monsters, they should do some rampaging, but
ultimately decide to return to their original plan to get revenge on Dr. Frankenstein.

Vera is dining her friend Elizabeth (Rebecca Larsen).  They went to Oxford together,
but were promptly kicked out because they were women. Elizabeth has a new suitor!

Said suitor - the Monster - is working as an environmentalist.

When Dracula starts flirting with Elizabeth, Vera
wonders if Dracula really needs yet another wife.

The Monster arrives. "AWKWARD."


Dr. Frankenstein finally discovers that he was successful in reviving the gravediggers. Where
can they be? He must find them at once! With THREE monsters on the loose, lives are at stake!

However, he is distracted by the arrival of Igor (Joseph Beck), back from his sabbatical.
They decide to pop around the pub to kidnap a prostitute and turn her into a proper lady.

Latest scheme to get top hats to become gentlemen: "Excuse me! We two are quite fearsome monsters! May
we have whatever money you have?" But they can't scare the Dickens out of him... because he IS Charles Dickens!
Dickens (Peter Fluet) agrees to be their benefactor... if they will kill his houseguest: Hans Christian Andersen.

Dracula and the Monster share awkward conversation while the ladies are in the bathroom.

And that conversation goes a little like this.

Hans Christian Andersen (Jacob Sidney) arrives, orders a drink
from the waiter (JJ Mayes), and is a bit too flirty with Dracula.

When Dracula takes Hans to meet his third "baby bat momma,"
the Monster is stuck with the bill. "DOUCHEBAGS!"


Dr. Frankenstein prepares to turn Lilly (Jaime Andrews), a "common guttersnipe,"
into a "proper lady"... by killing and then reviving her as a monster.

Charles Dickens provides the gravediggers with top
hats so they may pose as his nephews at his party.

The Monster arrives with Elizabeth... and Dickens flirts with her.

Hans Christian Andersen leads the party in a game of "Secret Word."

Incoherent Lilly has no trouble communicating her secret word, "Tower of London."

The Monster's word: "Trancendentalism."

The Monster and Dracula get into an argument.
"Steal girlfriend.  Asshole!" A fight breaks out.

The gravediggers cut the lights. When they come back on... it
seems they've accidentally killed Dracula, as well as stabbing Hans.


The Monster catches us up on the story so far.

The gravediggers flee, and meet a blind old man (David LM McIntyre) who,
believing them to be cold, gives them scarves they use to hide their bolts.

The monsters are imprisoned together - and love blooms.

Song: "Our Little Dungeon of Love"

It seems that Hans was stabbed in his appendix, which was
about to burst... saving his life. Dickens has been foiled!
So Dickens tries to smother him with a pillow.

As the gravediggers bury bodies for the old man, Igor shows up with a flower for Timmy. Timmy, who
doesn't see him, speaks of how disgusting Igor is.  "I'm an idiot," says Igor as he leaves, heartbroken.
Meanwhile, the gravediggers decide to break the monsters out of prison... for once, not
for revenge... but simply because it's the right thing to do.  Indeed?  Indeed.

Vera mourns Dracula... who was actually buried alive. Or undead. Something like that.
Dracula is trapped in a coffin.  "C'mon, help a Dracula out."  But nobody can hear him.

In court - Judge Grant (Sean Sweeney, center) presides, and Abraham Van Helsing (Joe Hendrix, left)
is the prosecution, while the Constable (Jay Bogdanowitsch) looks on.

It looks grim... until young Abraham Lincoln (Brian Frates) shows up from America to defend the monsters.