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written & directed by Sean Sweeney
special effects by Michael Heath

1 Episode

A little change would be healthy...
but some change can be deadly.

Once upon a time, Guy Woodhouse was the most exciting headshot
photographer in town. Unfortunately he didnít change with the times.
And ever since that trip to Siberia, sometimes he seems to change too much....


Rebecca Larsen


Chairman Barnes

Edward "Hutch" Hawkins

Michael Heath


Brendan Patterson


Sean Sweeney

Guy Woodhouse

Matt Valle


by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (1/30/10)

Guy Woodhouse is a headshot photographer who's stuck in 1993.

Tony (Brendan Patterson) gets his headshots done by
famed headshot photog Guy Woodhouse (Sean Sweeney).

"You're not dreaming... unless waking up in the arms of a famous
actress is a dream you have."  Laura-Louise (Rebecca Larsen),
Guy's old flame, visits him for the first time in seventeen years.

She says that
someone tried to kill his old partner Hutch. Chewed his leg off.
"IT WASN'T ME!" he shouts, oddly.  He's heartbroken to find that
Hutch has been doing her headshots all these years.

Guy: "Do you still like your name centered in Baskerville font?"
Laura-Louise: "Things change. People change. I changed.  You should try it sometime."

1993, when headshot photographers lived like rock stars.  Guy's upset that Hutch
(Chairman Barnes) is taking medium shots instead of headshots... and worse:
COLOR shots.  And he fires Roman (Matt Valle) for suggesting going digital.

Laura-Louise wants to do it Black and white... shoulders up... old school.

But it's a full moon... and ever since that fatal trip in 1993
to Siberia... deep in the jungle... for that Yakov Smirnoff shoot...

...Guy just hasn't been the same.