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written & directed by Jenelle Riley
music & lyrics by Richard Levinson
choreography by Matt Valle

3 Episodes
Original Run: 1 Episode - 3/27/10
Playoffs: 2 Episodes - 5/22/10 - 5/29/10

In no way sponsored, endorsed by or
affiliated with ABC/Disney Television.


Michael Lanahan

Billy (Eps. 1-2)

Joe Fria

Billy (Ep. 3)

Henry Dittman

Johnny (Eps. 1-3)

Matt Valle

Donny (Eps. 1-3)

Vanessa Perkins

Kimmy (Ep. 1)

Mandi Moss

Millie (Ep. 1)

Jennifer Fenten

Becca (Ep. 1)

Lara Everly

Becca (Eps. 2-3)

Erin Matthews

"The Zapper" (Ep. 2)
Kimmy (Ep. 3)

Jenelle Riley

Voiceover (Eps. 2-3)

Matt Merchant

Coach (Ep. 3)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (3/27/10)

Billy (Michael Lanahan, center) is the most popular jock
in school!  "He's only the greatest knife thrower in the
whole county - which, as you know, is our school sport."

The other popular kids:  Gay Donny (Matt Valle), head cheerleader Kimmy (Vanessa Perkins),
anorexic Millie (Mandi Moss) and jock Johnny (Henry Dittman).

The kids sing of their wonderful lives.  "Nothing bad will ever happen to us!"

Listen to an excerpt from the song!

Johnny insists that Millie ISN'T anorexic...
she's just trying to get back to her birth weight.

Bookworm Becca (Jennifer Fenten) has a crush on Billy.  Billy tells his friends to
go easy on her... "It's not her fault she has to wear glasses, all right? She can't help it.
It's like you being Jewish, Donny! We all have crosses to bear."

Billy goes the wrong way to the gym, misidentifies his friends, and then
Kimmy watches as he falls down the stairs. Does he have a brain tumor?

Photos by Aaron Francis

Once, Billy and his friends mocked those who wore glasses.  But now... he needs them.

To attempt to hide his secret, Billy visits the 1/2 Hour Lasik Dungeon,
run by back-alley doctor, "The Zapper" (Erin Matthews)...

...but is he willing to accept the payment plan?

Song: "I Have Eyes For You, Little Man"

Suddenly, Becca (Lara Everly) arrives, telling him it's not worth it!

Once, she didn't need glasses... and without them... why, she's beautiful!
(Um, can she leave them off, Billy wonders?  Please?)

Becca will be Billy's target for the knife-throwing competition!
However, after the antiseptic the Zapper put in his eyes, his
vision won't be back for hours.  Becca will be his eyes.


The coach gives his apprehensive knife-throwing team a pep talk.

Billy (Joe Fria) is now a social outcast because of his glasses.

Song: "Love Is Blind"

Billy and Becca sing of their mutual love and support.

Becca gets Billy prescription sunglasses.
"Listen to my voice, and I know you won't miss!"

Billy wins the knife-throwing tournament.  Everyone thinks
the sunglasses are cool.  Billy's no longer outcast!

Billy abandons Becca now that he's cool again.  "Becca, my dear...
I haven't learned a thing.  Taft-Hartley High RULES!"