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written & directed by Sean Abley

1 Episode

Life is unbearable, even when it only lasts for eight minutes…


Brad Griffith


Libby West

Everybody Else

by C.M. Gonzalez

"Wait... this looks familiar."
The Mayfly (Brad Griffith) is born.

The Mayfly enters this life with a slap... and an accusation of murder
from the doctor (Libby West), as his mother died in childbirth.

In school, a nun puts the fear of God into him.

"Praise Jesus!"

Still wanted for the murder of his mother, the Mayfly is put on trial and sentenced to death...
until they find he's only three minutes old.  So he's sent to juvie until his four-minute birthday.

Life in juvie.

Praying for a better life.  Or at least one he can make sense of.

When he gets out, he's off to the front lines, though he thinks he may
 be anti-war. Or pro-peace. Or something that doesn't involve getting shot.

A hippie berates him for labeling others as "the enemy."

The Mayfly is seven minutes old, and develops a sense of reason.

However, a
s he tries to puzzle out his life, there's a
shadow from above.  He is smashed by a human.

"Wait... this looks familiar."
The Mayfly is born once again...