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written & directed by David LM McIntyre
(ep. 7 directed by David LM McIntre & Colin Willkie

7 Episodes
Original Run:  5 Episodes - 10/10/09 - 12/12/09
Playoffs:  2 Episodes - 5/29/10 - 6/5/10

a winner is you.


David LM McIntyre

David (Eps. 1-7)

Mandi Moss

The Internet (Eps. 1-4 & 6-7)
Surprise Kitty Cute (Ep. 5)

Megan Crockett

Spam (Eps. 1, 3-4 & 6-7)
LOLcat (Ep. 3)
G.I. JOE Scarlett (Ep. 5)

Colin Willkie

Spam (Ep. 2)
Bruce (Ep. 4)
G.I. JOE Shipwreck (Ep. 5)

Eric Johnson

Spam (Ep. 3)

Paul Byrne

Narrator (Eps. 1-7)

Andrea Ruth

Blueberry Girl (Ep. 1)
Wiki Miss Teen South Carolina (Ep. 2)

Matt Valle

Earworm (Eps. 1-7)

JJ Mayes

Rick Astley (Eps. 1-2)
Vince Shlomi from ShamWow (Eps. 4-6)
David Caruso
(Ep. 7)

Brian Wallis

Wiki (Ep. 2)
Hamster on a Piano (Ep. 3)
Mr. Exposition (Eps. 4-7)

Andrew Bentler

Wiki Kirk Cameron (Ep. 2)
Advice Dog (Ep. 3)

Sean Sweeney

Wiki Kelly (Ep. 2)

Aaron Francis

Banana (Eps. 2 & 7)

Natasha Norman

Barbie Girl (Eps. 2, 4 & 6)
Harry, Charlie's Brother (Ep. 5)

Corey Klemow

Dramatic Chipmunk (Eps. 2-3 & 5-6)

Aaron Francis

Ceiling Cat (Ep. 3)

Richard Levinson

Keyboard Cat (Ep. 3)

David Mayes

Oolong the Pancake Bunny (Ep. 3)
G.I. JOE Alpine (Ep. 5)

Natasha Norman

LOLcat (Ep. 3)

Tifanie McQueen

Alex (Ep. 4)

Brian Wallis, David Mayes,
Corey Klemow & Aaron Francis

Support Group (Ep. 4)

CJ Merriman

Charlie (Ep. 5)

Joe Roche

G.I. JOE Cutter (Ep. 5)

Michael Holmes

G.I. JOE Blowtorch (Ep. 5)

Victor Isaac

G.I. JOE Roadblock (Ep. 5)

and Introducing... Everyone

Choreography by Natasha Norman

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE: "a winner is you" (10/10/09)
Photos this week by Suze Campagna

Meet David (David LM McIntyre).  He has a song stuck in his head...

...so he turned to the Internet (Mandi Moss) for help.
She's hot 'cause she's mostly porn.

That didn't help.  Now he's being followed by Spam (Megan Crockett).

An audience member correctly answering a question occasions a chaotic celebration.

RICKROLL!  (JJ Mayes as "Rick Astley")

EPISODE TWO: "is this real life?" (10/17/09)

The Earworm, and an attempt to eradicate it.  (Spoiler alert: Epic Fail.)

Spam (Colin Willkie) distracts David for hours on end with internet games.

The Wiki (Brian Wallis, R) explains what a meme is, despite
disinformation from Miss Teen South Carolina (Andrea Ruth),
Kirk Cameron (Andrew Bentler) and Kelly (Sean Sweeney).

The Wiki demonstrates something important:

"This chart represents 100% of the single ladies. As you can see,
the amount of 'liked it' is far greater than the amount of 'put a
ring on it.' Yet, the difference between the two is exactly the
same as 'mad now that you see she want it.' To summarize, for
100%, or all, of the single ladies, if you liked it, then you should
have put a ring on it.  Furthermore, O, O O, O O O O O O."

"I am a Banana." (Aaron Francis).  "My spoon is too big."

It's David's birthday on Monday, and the Earworm (Matt Valle)
and Barbie Girl (Natasha Norman) make him a cake.
David's Facebook friends like this!


Will David ever get the Earworm out of his head?  And what
does the Dramatic Chipmunk (Corey Klemow) know?

EPISODE THREE: "nuking the fridge FTW" (10/24/09)

A meeting of the Lolcats council, headed by Dramatic Chipmunk.

In attendance: Pancake Bunny (David Mayes), Hamster on
a Piano (Brian Wallis), Keyboard Cat (Richard Levinson)...

...the LOLcats (Megan Crockett & Natasha Norman), Bad Advice Dog (Andrew Bentler)
and Ceiling Cat (Aaron Francis, not pictured).

David's starting to get brain damage from the potency of the Earworm,
which the Council had released into the world, but is now TOO good at
distracting people... memes might die out before they get passed on!

The Earworm takes control!

EPISODE FOUR: "Going Viral" (12/5/09)

David attends a support group for those with songs and other memes stuck in their heads.
(L-R: Colin Willkie, Tifanie McQueen, David Mayes, Corey Klemow & Sean Sweeney)

Enter the Earworm, gloating.

Exposition!  The Earworm explains his dastardly plan.

The Earworm once again sings and dances David to a pulp.

But who's this?  It's Vince from Shamwow (JJ Mayes)!
He the leader of the Resistance, and boy, does he
have a product for you!  "You're gonna love my nuts!"

EPISODE FIVE: "...and knowing is half the battle!" (12/12/09)

The Second Arm of the Resistance: The Cute Brigade!  Surprise Kitty (Mandi Moss),
Harry - Charlie's Brother (Natasha Norman), Charlie (CJ Merriman) and Dramatic Chipmunk.

GI JOOOOOE!  David is bewildered by the random antics of this group of Real American Heroes.
(L-R: Joe Roche as "Cutter," Michael Holmes as "Blowtorch," David Mayes
as "Apline," Megan Crockett as "Scarlett" and Victor Isaac as "Roadblock.")

"What's it been?  Thirteen, fourteen years?  My god... it's
like looking into a mirror."  (Colin Willkie as "Shipwreck")

Body Massage?  Watermelon?

The Narrator and Mr. Exposition (Brian Wallis)
argue over who gets to do the narrating.

The Earworm needs a song strong enough to catch on...
but not so strong it will shred what's left of David's
brain. He needs to kill softly... with his song.

David musters enough concentration to stop
the song. His training is complete.

"But it doesn't matter," rants the Earworm.  "Nobody is
ready for what I'm about to unleash on the world!"


Although David insists he's got the song out of his head and this episode of MEME
won't feature all the usual tropes, Mr. Exposition and the Narrator belies his words.

As the narrator distracts David with knock-knock jokes, the Dramatic Chipmunk
warns David that if he keeps getting distracted, the Earworm will drive him insane!

"Knock-knock."  "Who's there?" "Interrupting sloth hand."

Another knock-knock joke.

Wait, why's David in a hospital?  It seems that Vince is really a psychiatrist, and
the Internet is really David's nurse.  "Vince" says that David's completely lost touch
with reality, and he sees everything and everyone as being part of the Internet.

Is David's psyche really such a terrible place?

The Earworm returns to reveal the truth.  Or is it?

"This is David. He doesn't just have a song stuck in his head...
he has EVERY song stuck in his head. And he is completely insane."


David's stuck in a loop of past experiences. But is it a count-controlled loop, which he'll
need to wait out, or a condition-controlled loop, in which case he needs to meet the condition?


"Earworm... I will fight you... and I will win."