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written & directed by Sean Sweeney

1 Episode

Sometimes the John Q Law is loonier than the perps....


Eric Johnson

Max Donovan

Kimberly Atkinson

Melanie Davis

Colin Willkie

Captain Loomis

Joel Huggins

Officer Dicky

Victor Isaac

Lieutenant Ferguson

Juliette Storace

Marion Crane Donovan

with Special Guest Star David LM McIntyre as Charlie

by Aaron Francis

Meet negotiator Max Donovan (Eric Johnson.)

"I don't think I need to see a shrink... but THEY think I'm crazy."
Max with court-appointed shrink Melanie Davis (Kimberly Atkinson).

Lieutenant Ferguson (Victor Isaac) makes sure that Officer Dicky (Joel Huggins) will vote
for him for mayor, while Captain Loomis (Colin Willkie) is more concerned with the gunman.

The gunman, Charlie (David LM McIntyre), is an ex-Green Beret who was just
laid off from his job at the chemical plant he's worked at for 20 years...
and he just found out his wife is cheating on him.

Wait... who ordered a pizza?

Negotiation prowess.

Intense negotiations.

Max's ex-wife, Marion Crane Donovan (Juliette Storace) is the DA...
and she's engaged to Lieutenant Ferguson.  When "Fergie" is
taken hostage at his mayoral election fundraiser,
they're gonna need a damn good negotiator...