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written & directed by Corey Klemow
choreography by Marianne Davis

1 Episode

Bob, Bing and Dorothy together again
for songs, sarongs and trouble!


David LM McIntyre


Richard Levinson


Jaime Andrews


Corey Klemow


Aaron Francis


Marianne Davis
Rachel Howe
Aaron Mendelson
CJ Merriman
Brian Wallis



Suzanne Karpinski


Chairman Barnes


Brian Wallis


by C.M. Gonzalez
& video stills by Adina Valerio

Bob (David LM McIntyre) and Bing (Richard Levinson) have been run outta town on a raft.

A gigantic wave washes them onto an island, where a band (Brian Wallis,
Suzanne Karpinski & Chairman Barnes) accompanies their musical number.
But they're not really here.  They're just a stage convention.

Theme From "Road to Next Week"

The boys meet a native, who turns out to be Jerry (Corey Klemow), on his way
to do a late-night comedy show.  They ask him where to find food, shelter and work.

When Dorothy (Jaime Andrews) arrives, it's L'amour at first sight!
She asks if the boys will face the Trial of Tellemonga for riches and power.

Bing, as is his way, charms Dorothy.

However, Bing has dropped his script, so Bob decides to do a quick rewrite -
he'll reverse their fortunes simply by switching their names.

Time passage.

Tellemonga (Aaron Francis) is the god of the island.
Bob, taking up the Trial, must best him in hand to hand combat.

But first, the national anthem.  (Islanders: CJ Merriman, Marianne Davis & Aaron Mendelson)

Listen to the island's National Anthem

In the course of the fight, Tellamonga accidentally rips the pages with
the fight on them out of the script.  This causes another time jump...

...to Bob being named the new champeen!

Unfortunately, the Trial was actually a test of whether or not you are WILLING to
undergo a trial for riches and power.  Those who crave such things do not deserve them.
Therefore, Bing is the winner, and Bob is sentenced to death... by shiiki-shiiki!
"Folks, you gotta help me out!  Please vote us back so we can get out of this mess!"

"Speak for yourself son.  I'd be perfectly happy if our story ended riiiiiiight here."
Bing got his wish.  Happy Bing!)