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written & directed by Marz Richards

2 Episodes
1/30/10 - 2/6/10

The Golden Age of Comedy was a god-damned tragedy.

On an alternate Earth, the Three Stooges have started an
Entertainment Gang War and stand poised to take
over the world...unless the heroic actions of the
Marx Brothers can put a stop to their perfidious plot!


Stephen Simon

Groucho Marx (Eps. 1-2)

Scott Leggett

Moe Howard (Eps. 1-2)

Bryan Krasner

Curly Howard (Eps. 1-2)

Krista Conti

Larry Fine (Eps. 1-2)

Brian Wallis

Announcer (Eps. 1-2)

Richard Levinson

Piano Player (Eps. 1-2)

Rachel Howe

Contestant (Ep. 1)
Party Guest (Ep. 2)

Elan Trinidad

The Duck (Eps. 1-2)

Pat Towne

W.C. Fields (Eps. 1-2)

CJ Merriman

Gun Woman (Ep. 1)
Party Guest (Ep. 2)

Colin Willkie

Gun Man/Bouncer (Ep. 1)
Party Guest (Ep. 2)

Marz Richards

Ted Healy (Ep. 1)

Nathaniel Harris

Harpo Marx (Ep. 2)

Michael Holmes

Chico Marx (Ep. 2)

Matt Valle

Zeppo Marx (Ep. 2)

Kimberly Atkinson

Lydia the Tattooed Lady (Ep. 2)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (1/30/10)

An episode of "You Bet Your Life" goes awry
when Groucho has a disturbing flashback.

1950.  According to the Announcer (Brian Wallis), it's time for another
edition of "You Bet Your Life," starring Groucho Marx (Stephen Simon).

The contestant (Rachel Howe) is thrilled to be on the show.

However, when she says the secret word, Groucho is lost in a surreal flashback involving a violent
W.C. Fields (Pat Towne), a gun-toting woman (CJ Merriman) and a ninja Duck (Elan Trinidad).

"The Duck is all that remains of my previous life.  I used to be a
man of adventure." Groucho once kept the world safe... from
monsters like him... and monsters like The Three Stooges,
who hurt a lot of people, and nearly took over the world.

The Stooges find a way out of their contract with Ted Healy.

20 years ago... Moe Howard (Scott Leggett) is chewed out by boss
Ted Healy (Marz Richards), the man who started the act then known
as "Ted Healy and His Stooges," while Larry (Krista Conti)
and Curly (Bryan Krasner) look on.

Healy goes to a bar where the college kids hang out.  So the Stooges
disguise themselves as college students, murder him when he roots
for the wrong team, and steal the key to his safe deposit box.

"The Three Stooges against the fuckin' world! The world
is fucked! FUCK THE WORLD! Nyuck nyuck nyuck!"

EPISODE TWO (2/6/10)

1931.  The Marx Brothers throw a party for Lydia the Tattooed Lady (Kimberly Atkinson),
the one who made it all swing.  She had the best of everything... pills, booze, brass, dames.

Zeppo (Matt Valle) and Harpo (Nathaniel Harris) flirt with Lydia.

Buster Keaton busted up her shop and left her with a metal plate in
her face. She needs help, but the cops are on the take and everyone else
is hooked up with Murder Inc. So she asks the Marx Brothers for help.
(Center: Michael Holmes as "Chico Marx")

The Three Stooges induct W.C. Fields into their crime empire.
As a boon, they allow him to select a target for destruction.
And he chooses... Groucho Marx.