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written by Christy Bunner
directed by Chris Millar

1 Episode

They're giving you a number.  And $11 an hour.


Brian Wallis

Desk Sergeant

Vivian Kerr


Michael Holmes


Victor Isaac

James Beam

Mikhail Blokh

Ivan Ivanov

Suzanne Karpinski


Krista Conti


by C.M. Gonzalez

At the Spy Temps agency, a trio of potential spies report for assignment.
(L-R: Krista Conti as "Madison," Michael Holmes as "Jake,"
Vivian Kerr as "Sierra" and Brian Wallis as "Desk Sergeant")

Jake and Sierra have met before, and
she's happy to find he's now single.

However, she is soon sent off on her first assignment.  Now code-named Agent 54321,
she is to work with Agent 008 James Beam (Victor Isaac).. who attempts to seduce her.

Despite her Master's degree, she ends up stuffing envelopes.

Shelly (Suzanne Karpinski) warns Jake about super-spy
Ivan Ivanov's psychotic tendencies, but he's happy
to take the job to work with a super-spy.

Ivan (Mikhail Blokh) has been trying for years to find a mole within
the ranks of super-spies, and has a cunning plan to flush him out
involving the promise of a wild sex party with hot Russian girls.
"There could be a donkey show!  You don't know!"