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written by Derek Mehn & Jonas Oppenheim
directed by Jonas Oppenheim

1 Episode

Carter Kojones is the best bomb defuser in the city, but if he
doesn't get off... before it goes off... (dramatic pause) KABOOM!


Derek Mehn

Carter Kojones

Franci Montgomery


Colin Willkie

The Mayor

by Emily Donn

The Mayor (Colin Willkie) is not having a good day.  He's sitting on a bomb,
and there are children's hospitals for miles around in every direction.

Enter Carter Kojones (Derek Mehn) of the Bomb Squad.  He's the best.
"Looks like another Legal Weapon II copycat. Should be a cinch."
But there's one catch...

As Audrey (Franci Montgomery) explains, "The more DNA dynamite
Carter detonates... the calmer his hands."  In other words...
he needs to have an orgasm before disarming a bomb.

Unfortunately, Audrey is jealous of the other women Carter's slept
with in crisis situations... so she won't sleep with him now.

Lovers' spat.

Carter relays the sad, if implausible, story of how his mother was
killed by a bomb... so he's devoted his life to stopping bombs.

When the Mayor has a heart attack, Carter quickly takes his place.
"I love you... and I hope to god you know what a blumpkin is."