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written & directed by Jacob Sidney

1 Episode

Can you afford the future?


Kelsey Wedeen

Elizabeth Francis (Ep. 1)

Lindsey Gort

Verna (Ep. 1)

David Glasser

Mr. Tallman (Ep. 1)

Colin Willkie

Leon Barnes (Ep. 1)

Curt Bonnem

Rossellini (Ep. 1)

Jacob Sidney

Christopher Francis (Ep. 1)

Sara Davenport

Dorothy (Ep. 1)

Carla Jo Bailey

Mrs. Goodbottom (Ep. 1)

Brian Wallis

Mr. Goodbottom (Ep. 1)

Crystal Keith

Jenny (Ep. 1)

Natasha Norman

Julie (Ep. 1)

Graphic Design by Chris Hutchings

by Aaron Francis

Ad man Christopher Francis (Jacob Sidney)
and his perfect 1950s housewife (Kelsey Wedeen).

Advertising for a better tomorrow.
A tomorrow you'll have to buy into... or be left behind.

Verna (Lindsey Gort) operates the slide machine.

Ad men Rosellini (Curt Bonnem), Mr. Tallman (David Glasser)
and junior exec Leon Barnes (Colin Willkie) debate Francis' pitch.

Secretary Dorothy (Sara Davenport) is sorry she let in the
Goodbottoms (Brian Wallis and Carla Jo Bailey), who
are outraged at the doings at Tomorrow Unltd.

At the club where he's taken his fellow ad men,
Chris tells Jenny (Crystal Keith) that he's about to
become a very, very important man.  She's unimpressed.

The future... where I create the world I want...
and you think it was your idea."