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written by Greg Snyder
directed by Kellie McDonald

2 Episodes
9/26/09 - 10/3/09

He's like Superman... only gayer!


Andrew Doyle

Ultra Guy (Eps. 1-2)

Nicholas Jenkins

Mr. Madness (Eps. 1-2)

Caitlin Westlake

Susie Spirit (Eps. 1-2)

Bonnie M. Williams

Mrs. Coulter (Ep. 1)
Mother Madness (Ep. 2)

Kellie McDonald

The Newsie (Eps. 1-2)

Craig Cleveland

Dr. Madness (Ep. 2)

Michael Rodriguez

Todd (Ep. 2)

Greg Snyder

Narrator (Ep. 2)

Production Manager - Kristen Hammack


EPISODE ONE (9/26/09)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez

Ultra Guy (Andrew Doyle) prepares to announce his
secret identity to the world... his sexual identity, that is.

The fateful news conference.

Ultra Guy's nemesis, Mr. Madness (Nicholas Jenkins)
has recently been foiled again.

Extra!  Extra!
The Newsie (Kellie McDonald) has all the headlines!

Susie Spirit (Caitlin Westlake) is outraged that Ultra Guy is gay... because
he slept with her.  Ultra Guy tries to explain that he only did so because
he wasn't himself... he was under the influence of Purple Europium.

Enter Mrs. Coulter (Bonnie M. Williams), head of Mothers Organizing Religious
Members Opposed to Non-conformist Sex (M.O.R.M.O.N.S.), is here to kill Ultra Guy.
There's only one way to God, their way. Mr. Madness objects. "People like you are why I'm an atheist."

Susie grabs the laser - and trains it on Ultra Guy!
 Mr. Madness jumps in the path of the beam... and is unhurt,
as it's a Red Europium laser that only works on Ultra Guy.

Susie reveals that the real reason
she's so upset is... she's pregnant!

EPISODE TWO (10/3/09)
Photos by Aaron Francis

Ultra Guy relaxes in his secret hideout.

He is visited by a very pregnant Susie.  She's only been pregnant
for three weeks... but she looks six months along.

Ultra Guy's boyfriend, Todd (Michael Rodriguez),
is not pleased by the situation.

Meanwhile, Mr. Madness cools his heels in jail.

He's visited by Mother Madness (Bonnie M. Williams),
who nags him about not getting his doctorate in supervillainy.

Mr. Madness' brother Keith (Craig Cleveland) - aka Dr. Madness.

Bad news for the Newsie.

Dr. Madness vs. the Print Media