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written & directed by Rebecca Larsen
ep. 9 directed by Rebecca Larsen & JJ Mayes

9 Episodes
Original Run: 6 Episodes - 11/13/10 - 12/29/11
Playoffs: 3 Episodes - 5/14/11, 5/28/11 & 6/4/11

She's five and a half, and she don't take no crap.


Rebecca Larsen

Elizabeth (Eps. 1-8)
Voice of Elizabeth (Eps. 1-9)

Richard Levinson

Arthur (Eps. 1-9)

Alyssa Preston

Mom (Eps. 1-2 & 8)
Margaret (Eps. 2, 5, 7 & 9)

Eric Curtis Johnson

Dad (Eps. 1-5)

Ari Radousky

Andy (Eps. 1-4 & 8-9)

Lisa Anne Nicolai

Ann Coulter (Eps. 1 & 7)

Matt Valle

Jeffrey (Eps. 2 & 4)

Johnny Threenuts

Christopher Walken (Eps. 2 & 7)

Erin Holt

Macey (Eps. 3-7)
Ivanka Trump (Ep. 9)

Stephen Simon

Colin (Ep. 3)
Jeffrey's Dad (Ep. 4)

Troy Blendell

Dick Cheney (Ep. 3)

Colin Willkie

Jordan (Ep. 4)

Douglas Gabrielle

Santa (Ep. 4)

Suzanne Karpinski

Santa's Elf (Ep. 4)

Natasha Norman

Esther (Ep. 4)

CJ Merriman

Esther's Mom (Ep. 4)

Joseph Beck

Phil Turner (Eps. 5-7)
George Ross (Ep. 9)

Jennefer Ludwigsen

Sarah Palin (Eps. 5-7)

Trey Perkins

Jeffrey (Ep. 7)

Stephen Simon

Random Guy (Ep. 7)

Marz Richards

Probation Officer (Ep. 8)

Michael Oosterom

Donald Trump (Eps. 8-9)

Scott Leggett

Little Sylvester (Ep. 9)

Jaime Robledo

Felipe (Ep. 9)

Erin Matthews

Suze Orman (Ep. 9)

Vanessa Perkins

Lady GaGa (Ep. 9)

David LM McIntyre

Gary Busey (Ep. 9)

Additional Music:
"Little Tea Party" Theme by Ryan Johnson
(Eps. 5-7)
"This Piano Is Magic" by Richard Levinson (Ep. 6)

Video Design by Curt Bonnem (Ep. 9)

EPISODE ONE (11/13/10)
Photos by Aaron Francis
Video by Jay Bogdanowitsch

SUMMARY:  Five-year-old Elizabeth hosts a talk show from her indulgent parents' home.  Middle-aged Arthur, hating his life, and sleeping on her parents' couch while he goes through a divorce, provides her theme song.  After talking about the banning of Happy Meals in San Francisco and the miners in Chile, and writing an angry letter to the school board, she welcomes her first guests: Ann Coulter and Harry Reid.  Elizabeth wants to know why Ann is so angry.  Reid, oddly, agrees with Ann about the Democrats being out of touch.  It turns out that "Harry" is really Elizabeth's brother Andy in a wig, hired by Ann, so Elizabeth sends Ann to her room to think about what she's done.

Meet Elizabetn (Rebecca Larsen). Elizabeth's parents ask her not to talk about poop. 'Nobody's gonna watch your stupid show anyway,' says Elizabeth's 'stupid brother,' Andy (Ari Radousky). Guests Ann Coulter (Lisa Anne Nicolai) and Harry Reid (Ari Radousky).

Elizabeth protests the banning of Happy Meals in San Francisco,
and writes an angry letter to the school board about field trips.

EPISODE TWO (11/20/10)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Aaron Francis

SUMMARY:  After some jokes and a look at the news, Elizabeth introduces us to her friends Jeffery and shy Margaret.  She writes an angry letter about stepping in dog poop, then welcomes guest Christopher Walken.

Meet shy Margaret (Alyssa Preston) and Jeffery (Matt Valle). Angry letter! Guest Christopher Walken (Johnny Threenuts). Guest Christopher Walken (Johnny Threenuts). Arthur wishes he could go home.

Do you like animals?

Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Aaron Francis

SUMMARY:  Andy is allowed to co-host with Elizabeth for not being blabby. She then takes a call from a viewer and gives him advice on getting his parents to give him a puppy. Suddenly, popular girl Macey - Elizabeth's enemy - arrives. It seems Andy has a crush on her and let her in. Elizabeth then interviews guest Dick Cheney and tells him jokes. They then discuss what things they fear. When Cheney throws her cookies on the floor, she thinks he's just sad, and she gives him a hug. "9/11!" cries a panicked Dick.

Elizabeth dances to her theme song. Elizabeth reports on the news. Andy gets to co-host today. Elizabeth takes a caller. Popular, bratty Macey (Erin Holt), Elizabeth's enemy. Andy blabs. Guest Dick Cheney (Troy Blendell). A probing interview.  'I can pretty much confirm that carrots don't make noises.' Dick learns true terror.

Elizabeth advises a caller on how to get his parents to get him a puppy.

EPISODE FOUR (12/11/10)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Joseph Beck

SUMMARY:  Elizabeth goes to the mall to see Santa. Arthur's piano is gone... "They came and they took it."  He's utterly demoralized. Macey's there, too, but not to see Santa.  She says Santa's for babies, so Elizabeth blows off steam by writing Macey an angry letter about being mean to people.  Arthur asks Santa for a full-time job.  Andy suddenly decides he doesn't want to meet Santa... thanks to Macey, he suddenly thinks it's just "kids' stuff."  Elizabeth asks Santa to help her friends.  Doesn't she want anything for herself?  She wants to help.  Santa tells her to just always tell the truth.; even one small voice telling the truth is the most powerful thing there is.  As carolers sing "O Silent Night," Elizabeth wishes us all a Merry Christmas.

In line to see Santa at the mall. Santa (Douglas Gabrielle) and his Elf (Suzanne Karpinski). Little Esther (Natasha Norman) and her mom (CJ Merriman). Photo op. Macey says Santa's for babies. Snotty Macey and her mean boyfriend Jordan (Colin Willkie). Mean mean meanie. Jeffrey's dad (Stephen Simon) and Jeffrey (Matt Valle). Jeffrey's dad (Stephen Simon) and Jeffrey (Matt Valle). Arthur asks Santa for a job. Arthur asks Santa for a job. Santa's Elf offers Arthur a job in Santa's workshop.  Arthur declines. Elizabeth asks for help for all her friends. 'Oh, night divine!'

Visiting Santa at the mall.

EPISODE FIVE (1/22/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Aaron Francis

SUMMARY:  Elizabeth is offered a show on FOX News, but gets a nasty shock when she finds they want her to co-host with Macey... and they don't want Arthur on the show. Furthermore, the show is re-titled "Little Tea Party." Elizabeth is about to take a principled stand and walk when she finds out that her first guest will be... Sarah Palin.

Dad (Eric Curtis Johnson) gets a call from FOX News. Phil Turner (Joseph Beck) offers her a show for 12 million adults 'with a kindergarten education.' 'I'm not in kindergarden.'  'No problem, we'll dumb it down - we're set up for that.' On the set with Margaret as her 'manager.' Oh no - Macey is her co-host! This isn't fun anymore. On his way to big bucks... and probably a heart attack. Chocolate!  There's chocolate at the crafts table!  Mood turnaround! But... where's Arthur? Arthur has arrived after some mishaps.  (see video) Arthur's sad to find he's not needed.  So's Elizabeth. Arthur's sad to find he's not needed.  So's Elizabeth. Guest Sarah Palin (Jennefer Ludwigdsen).  'I WILL CHEW HER LIKE A CHRISTMAS HAM!' Curtain Call

"Little Tea Party" Theme (Composed & Performed by Ryan Johnson)

Arthur tells of his mishaps on the way to the studio... and then finds he's not needed.

EPISODE SIX (1/29/11)
Photos by Aaron Francis
Video by Anna Baardsen

SUMMARY:  Phil presents the girls with a long list of questions not to ask Sarah Palin.  Macey knows exactly what sort of questions to ask... like, "Why does the liberal media hate women so much?"  During the commercial break, Sarah Palin loses her patience with Elizabeth's attempts to ask hardball questions and warns her that what the GOP's got planned while she's got the country distracted will make her look like Mother Teresa.  After the show, a sad Elizabeth, unhappy with the price of her new wealth and fame, calls Arthur for comfort.  She's purchased him a new piano, and he sings her a bittersweet song ("This Piano Is Magic").

The show is about to begin. A huge list of questions not to ask Sarah Palin. Macey is smug.  Elizabeth is angry. Sarah's ready for her interview, you betcha! Macey sympathizes with Sarah - sometimes people hate you just 'cause you're pretty. Elizabeth attempts to ask the tough questions. Sarah lays it on the line for Elizabeth. Elizabeth's lost and out of place. A sad Elizabeth calls Arthur.  (see video) Arthur sings her a song. (see video)

Elizabeth's newfound fame and wealth isn't making her happy, and
so she calls Arthur, who sings her a song ("This Piano Is Magic").


Photos by Aaron Francis * Video by Adina Valerio

SUMMARY:  E! True Hollywood Story: Elizabeth.  Elizabeth doesn't handle fame well, and she spirals into candy addiction.  Eventually, Christopher Walken stages an intervention, and Elizabeth cleans herself up and decides to go back to basic cable.

Arthur and Elizabeth in the early days. "I liked Elizabeth. I found her charming. Adorable." "You're such a stupid head!" "Mom! He's antagonizing me!" Ann Coulter isn't surprised Elizabeth self destructed. On the set of "Little Tea Party." "She seemed to have a real grasp of what the FOX News audience wants: a nice mix of political buzzwords and a first-grade reading level." Elizabeth quit the show after a taping with Sarah Palin. Andy didn't go with Elizabeth to FOX.  "I went to camp. We made boondoggle keychains!" Arthur's house was forclosed on. "It smelled like cigarettes and broken dreams. Like my house." Hopped up on chocolate. Sugar coma. "I'm looking for the vending machines... ?" Big Hollywood party. Elizabeth graduates from chocolate to the smack of candy - pixie sticks. A hopeless addict. Christopher Walken stages an intervention. "Can someone just stamp my timecard so I can get outta here?" Margaret finally speaks out loud to help Elizabeth: "I want my best friend back."

Elizabeth is beset by a crippling addiction to sweets and confections.


Photos by Aaron Francis * Video by Annette Fasone

SUMMARY:  Elizabeth returns to local cable, now on probation and eating carrots instead of cookies.  After a news report about a spider in her room ("It was CRAWLING!"), she writes an Angry Letter to Donald Trump, who she then introduces as her guest.  The interview does not go well, and Trump threatens to buy the public access station and replace her.

Elizabeth prepares for her first show back at home. "This is Arthur. He's a 'lost cause.'" Elizabeth's probation officer (Marz Richards), here to help her stay off the cookies. "In the news: I saw a spider in my room. It was CRAWLING!" Interviewing Donald Trump (Michael Oosterom). Elizabeth says Trump should hire Arthur because he has more experience being fired than anybody else she knows. Trump and Elizabeth threaten to destroy each other.

Elizabeth resumes her broadcast duties with some new restrictions in place.


Photos by Aaron Francis * Video by Annette Fasone
Photoshopped photos by Rebecca Larsen

SUMMARY:  Elizabeth is jailed for trying to kill Donald Trump, and has Arthur fill in for her - the show must go on! Meanwhile, Trump tries to cast a replacement for Elizabeth via a reality show where the panelists are Suze Orman, Helena Bonham-Carter and Lady Gaga. They're down to the final two kids, Little Sylvester and Felipe, when Gary Busey arrives, asking to be a contender for Elizabeth's job. Arthur arrives with Andy and Margaret and stands up for Elizabeth, socking Trump in the jaw. Trump packs it in. The show is Elizabeth's once more... once she gets out of jail, anyway.

Elizabeth parties with Lindsay Lohan. Elizabeth is fingerprinted. Elizabeth's mugshot. Elizabeth in her jail cell. Elizabeth making her one phone call. Elizabeth calls Arthur asking him to host the show while she's in jail. However, Donald Trump, along with Ivanka (Erin Holt) and George Ross (Joseph Beck), has already taken over. Felipe (Jaime Robledo) competes for Elizabeth's job. Panelists Lady Gaga (Vanessa Perkins), Helena Bonham-Carter (Mandi Moss) and Suze Orman (Erin Matthews). Felipe isn't very talkative. "I like rocks!" Felipe's competitor, Little Sylvester (Scott Leggett). Felipe is too shy to talk, much to Helena's consternation. Felipe is too shy to talk, much to Helena's consternation. Gary Busey (David LM McIntyre) arrives, hoping to score Elizabeth's gig. "I'm sorry I'm late, I woke up in a room I didn't recognize." "Hi! 'Hi' stands for 'high intensity'! DON'T MAKE ME PULL YOUR ENDOCRINE SYSTEM OUT OF YOUR BODY!" "I'd like to autotune that." Arthur arrives to stand up for Elizabeth.  "Arthur Klugmeyer is putting his foot down!" Arthur may not have much, but he has the friendship of a special little girl. As Trump is sent packing, Elizabeth calls from jail. "Hi, Elizabeth... NO, DO NOT GET A NECK TATTOO!" Curtain Call