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by Michael Holmes & Tifanie McQueen
directed by Michael Schneider

1 Episode

He's pitchin' it!


Mandi Moss

Mary McKilligan

Eric Curtis Johnson

Richard McKilligan

David LM McIntyre

Herbert Fiffell

Jason Moyer

Dominique Bonaventure

Bruno Oliver

Sir Chaplain Llewellyn

Michael Holmes

Robert Zimmerman

EPISODE ONE (1/29/11)
Photos by Aaron Francis
Video by Anna Baardsen

SUMMARY:  An advertising agency in the mid-1960s is in trouble - they've had no new clients in eight months. There's also friction between secretary Mary KcKilligan and her father, agency head Richard McKilligan. He doesn't like her new beatnik boyfriend, Bobby Zimmerman. A potential client, stage and screen star Sir Robert Llewellyn, arrives for a meeting. He wants a new gimmick to attract a modern audience. The answer comes from Bobby, who has invented a button that makes a "boing" sound. He calls it a "boner." Llewellyn is thrilled, but Richard is not pleased.

Secretary Mary McKilligan (Mandi Moss). There's a client on the phone! Dominique Bonaventure (Jason Moyer), a partner in the agency. Sir Llewellyn is calling from a car phone!  How futuristic! Partner Herbert Fiffell (David LM McIntyre) isn't quite ready for the day. Partner Richard Killigan (Eric Curtis Johnson), Mary's father, arrives. Attempting to smooth over familial frictions. Sir Llewellyn (Bruno Oliver) arrives. Dad's a bit discomfited. Mary's new boyfriend, Bobby Zimmerman (Michael Holmes). Sir Llewellyn is frustrated with the success of the Beatles.  He needs something new, fresh, exciting. (M)ad Men, boozing. The couple are caught fooling around at the office. Bob Dylan introduces us to his 'boner.' It's just the thing for Sir Llewellyn's act! Bob and Mary celebrate. Richard's not pleased. 'We'll see how far you get in this ad-venture, you freewheelin' Bob Dylan!'